Do It For You 3

Honoring Yourself On Behalf of Everyone Else

It’s August.  This likely means you are stuck in “DO-Mode” – most likely, for everyone else. What if, at the end of the summer, you created time and space to delve into your own heart and discover what really brings YOU alive? What if you created the time to honor yourself as your number one priority, even if it’s just for two and a half days? What if you made this your secret little reward as a thank you to yourself for always taking such great care of everyone else in your life?

Can you put yourself at the top of your list?

Do you know what this even looks like? Not what it looks like according to society, or your parents or kids, your spouse or even your dog? Do you know what is looks like for YOU? Would it be worth your time to explore it? Is it worth the journey of your life to connect to your own heart and vision how you want to experience the rest of the time you have left here on the planet?

Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D has an amazing quote that I love. He says, “If something in your life is missing, it’s probably you”.

In the past, I gave my life to my work. Actually, to the company I was working for. I wasn’t taking care of myself and even though I had tons of money in the bank and I got to take a fancy vacation once a year, I was mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually bankrupt. And then I got a breast cancer diagnosis.

Creating the time to discover my own truths is what inspired me to transform my life.

My whole life I have been uncovering and discovering parts of myself through reclaiming MY own truth. Nothing else in my life has been more fulfilling, more joyful, more rich, more rewarding, more juicy – and just plain MORE – than the realization of my true self.

Does your life feel like a continuous loop of a repeat show?

For almost three decades I always pursued a “destination”. We’ve bought into this idea that once we attain the “thing” (career, relationship, house, car, status, etc.) only THEN will we be happy. Sound familiar? I know it’s like this for a lot of people. The quest for true fulfillment is why people chase the things they think are going to make them happy. That’s what I did and each time they would lead to the same place. A temporary and fleeting quick fix that didn’t last. A little like empty calories. They taste good for a minute upon consumption, but ultimately you’re left with nothing but an empty feeling.

Taking the journey into myself I have learned that the joy, fulfillment and richness of life is not found outside of me, but rather inside. To find it, I had to uncover and discover myself and what makes me come alive.

Being fully grounded in the authentic you is knowing that you have the personal power to design and create a life that you love. Align with the idea that you matter, and that nothing is more important than the discovery and the birthing of your true self. I know first-hand that this is the foundation to a rich, juicy and fulfilling life.

Transformation Consultant and Life Coach Donna Bond, M.A. offering Discover the Authentic You workshop retreat in October. A graduate of the University of Santa Monica, with a MA in Spiritual Psychology, Donna’s work guides transformational journey’s helping you live a more meaningful life of purpose. Visit