We’re saying buh-bye to dry skin! Let’s heal and reveal those arms, legs and fresh faces. There’s a choice we make, and it’s a smart choice to pursue health with clean products.  

Our skin is like the window into our bodies. Rashes, bumpy skin, dry areas, skin inflammation ~ many times it’s our internal meter that’s off; it shows us externally that there’s something wrong. Thyroid imbalances, toxic overload, chemical sensitivity, gut health… these show up in a variety of ways like thinning hair, dry skin, a puffy complexion, reddened skin, dry lines, flakiness, and more. 

At Qēt Botanicals, we’re firm about using only the best natural elements that are designed to nourish and heal the skin, without harm. 

Here are five of our favorite skin savers to get you ready to bare it this summer, or pamper your skin after some sun time: 

-Cleansing Oil ~ the first of our 15 nationally awarded products, it cleanses, removes makeup, sweat, and impurities without over stripping. 

-Body Polish ~ cleanse, hydrate, and soften all in one step without the need for soap. 

-Purely Cranberry Serum Boost ~ our newest award winner, it’s protection from the sun’s rays with Omega antioxidants while promoting cellular rejuvenation because of high levels of Vitamins A and C. 

-Ultra Garden Serum for Body ~ a nourishing, quenching body moisturizer for before and after the sun.

-Restoring Night Serum ~ just 3-5 drops at the end of the day to help replenish you and your skin. 

The end result of using clean products isn’t just at the surface. There’s more at stake here than just a beautiful complexion ~ that’s a side benefit. What’s really at stake is a healthier, happier you.