Breaking Free of Routine

While working with a client this week a big awareness was identified, she realized that her whole life is a routine on repeat. Admittedly; she wakes at the same time, sleeps at the same time, eats the same meals, takes the same route to work, and mimics the same workout routine every day. Out of her mouth, she blurted “circle of death”.

I stop at the profound statement she has just proclaimed and had a quick flashback to what my own life used to be like and how accurate she was in her awareness.

Humans, such creatures of habit. In our ego’s attempt to maintain safety, security, comfort and control we are lured into the gentle unconsciousness of repetition. This defense strategy numbs us and over time we feel, well..dead.

My life was certainly on auto-pilot until a life-threatening health crisis confronted my routine. This interruption changed everything.

Take a moment to recognize your own patterns. Just observe without judgment. Can you see how the ‘same-old’ can be a trap stunting your growth?

I think this is why so many people love to travel. It gets them out of their comfort zone into a space they’ve never been before. As a result, their senses are heightened and their spirit comes alive.

Our psyche needs expansion. The definition of psyche incidentally is the soul. Falling victim to routine can feel like entering a circle of death, or the smothering of your soul. The purpose of our life is to grow, expand, evolve. We prevent ourselves from doing that by running in circles.

Breaking Free

1.       The first step in shifting out of the circle is simply awareness. Slow down. Notice what is around you as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Be fully present. Come into center. Embody curiosity and wonder to see through a new set of eyes.

2.       Next, intentionally break up your routine. Sit a different place at the table, switch up the order in which you prepare for the day, drive a route you wouldn’t normally take, order something different on the menu.

3.       As you take action in doing some things differently, engage with full presence. Pretend you’ve never been here before. Notice what unfolds in each moment. Tune into your soul. Notice any feelings of excitement; a hint of hope, a glimmer of aliveness, a glint of expansion.

4.       Acknowledge any feelings that surface. Just be with them. Don’t move them or hide them or fix them or fade them. Don’t judge, just notice. Bring your full presence to these emotions.

5.       Close your eyes, take a breath, and appreciate your humanness.

As Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we can greatly shift our perspective when we accept that we are the creators of our own lives. I think sometimes we unintentionally create drama in our experience simply because, in all truth, we’re bored with our routine.  It may even be a way that the soul cries out for our attention, to wake us up.

Realize there is a big world out there and it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to experience all of life or stay within the confines of your safety and security, unconsciously awaiting the circle, death.

If you need to break routine before life breaks it for you, reach out. I’d be honored to help you. 

Transformation Consultant and Life Coach Donna Bond, M.A. offers inspiring workshops and coaching programs. A graduate of USM with an MA in Spiritual Psychology, Donna’s work guides transformational journey’s helping you live a more meaningful life of purpose.