Cheers to Women

In the August 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report, it was found that women-owned 12.3 million businesses, or 40% of businesses overall. Woo-hoo! 

When we have a need, we find it… no, we’re not just talking about a new handbag. 🙂 Every time we make a purchase, whether we know it or not, we’re supporting the who, what, and where that product came from. When a locally-made product is purchased, we’re supporting that small business, the community, and the arts. We’re connecting with where we live. 

If you’ve strolled into one of our Qēt Botanicals Skin Studios, you’ll hear music playing, smell the aroma of a treatment we’re crafting, you’ll find a pretty aesthetic sprinkled with care-giving formulas, and you’ll see some gals enjoying what we do. Hello, that’s us! We’re a woman-owned brand that’s run by family and friends. Our current employees all just happen to be women. We love our man friends too, and Qēt is reaching more men every day because men need good skin and hair care, too! At the moment, it’s all women at the helm. 

We sniff, we formulate, we experiment, we blend, we revise, we wrap, we twirl, and sometimes we even make snow angels, or sand angels, in the middle of the floor.  We’re not afraid to be silly and enjoy life while we work.

Without the fun-loving attitudes and heartfelt inspiration behind the scenes, it may not feel as true to our roots at the end result. Loving what we do, pouring our passions and flare into our treatments, and working with only real ingredients keeps our space friendly, thriving, and our bodies healthy… so we can go full speed ahead.

We want to live we what we love, and we want to love what we live with. Amen to that, sister! 

“A flower doesn’t compete with the one next to it… it just blooms.” Bloom girl, just bloom.