From a prominent woman

Today the phrase, “having it all” is used so often and facetiously that it has become akin to some negative joke. When the question is posed about whether women can “have it all,” the answer arrived at is typically no, along with some skeptical scolding of those women who ever had the nerve to think they could. There has been heated debate over the years from prominent leaders, influencers, and news outlets about this concept. The popular thinking is that the term translates to great achievement in both business and family.

This is the story of a woman who has managed to balance a traditional family while also achieving multiple career successes as a feminist icon who leads by example.

A first-generation Italian-American, Lucy Ann Vallera Luhan, (Lucia) was born in Connecticut and raised in a household where traditional foods and values prevailed. She helped her family can fruits and vegetables that were grown in their garden and prepared fresh pasta daily. With an extended family of relatives from Italy, traditional food habits predominated.

It was the foundational food culture and passion for convivio that set the tone for Luhan’s life as a wife, mother, sister, friend, and thirty-five-year career as a restaurateur in Southern California, and eventually inspired her to open Villa Lucia, a bed and breakfast/cooking school in Tuscany, Italy. Villa Lucia is Orange County’s most popular Tuscan villa, which has served over 5,000 guests in the last 30 years. Where they also produce boutique and organic olive oil which has been highlighted on The Today Show.

Luhan’s most recent accomplishment is authoring a book called Convivio which translates to “gathering around the table” and tells heart-warming stories of good food, good company and good health.” In Convivio, Luhan chronicles the family history and explores the different food cultures between Italy and America.

As a strong, dynamic and loving woman, Lucy Luhan has always made her husband, children and extended family her number one priority. Food has been the vehicle which keeps family together and traditions alive. If “having it all” is truly defined as a combination of personal and professional success, then Luhan has achieved great success.

Learn more about Lucy Luhan by purchasing Convivio, visiting Villa Lucia in Tuscany, or dining at Luciana’s Italian Restaurant in Dana Point.