A Woman’s dream becomes a reality.

Regina Piazza, owner of Piazza Wellness Center in Dana Point, CA began her story on the East Coast side of the US. Regina was born in Scranton, PA with severe Asthma & a very compromised immune system. Taking a single breath was a struggle due to the degree of scarring in her lungs & her numerous allergies kept her isolated from many activities. She received weekly injections for 10 years and was often hospitalized during many of her school-age years. Despite being told she would never have the lung capacity to participate in sports or exercise programs, she remained determined and focused on overcoming these obstacles. Regina’s positive outlook and determination paid off. She has competed in numerous athletic events completing 2 marathons,13 half marathons, and numerous 5 & 10K races.  She also competed in the equine discipline of dressage where she earned her Silver Medal.  Regina believes in looking at the glass half full.

“Being born with a medical condition that caused me to fight through illnesses, feel discomforts and challenge my limitations allowed me to understand determination, develop strength (physically and mentally) and to appreciate life”. 

This journey guided her to find her passion and path in life.  Regina graduated summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University, where she received 2 Master of Science degrees in nursing and became a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her nursing degrees, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National College of Exercise Professionals in order to optimize her understanding of the importance of Fitness and Healthcare combined.

“In order to be truly healthy, fitness must be a component in one’s lifestyle.”

 “My vision was to create a wellness center with health practitioners and fitness experts under one roof. Clients could be educated, evaluated and treated, as well as have a place where they could exercise with experienced trainers and take a variety of restorative, cardio and resistance-focused fitness classes.”

Piazza Wellness Center opened almost 2 years ago in Dana Point Harbor and Regina’s vision became a reality.

The center is comprised of highly educated, experienced, & passionate professionals providing a variety of health and fitness related services under one roof. 

Services offered:

Personal Training & Semi-Private Training

Fitness Classes (Restorative, Cardio, Dance & Resistance)

Physical Therapy

Gyrotonic Method and Gyrokinesis

Pilates (Mat and Reformer)

Lightning Fit (Using E Fit)

Naturopathic Medicine

Beauty Services (Facials, waxing & Eyelash Extensions)

Massage & Structural Integration


Infrared Sauna

Body Fat Testing & Postural Evaluation using the Fit3D Body Scan

For more information please visit PiazzaWellnessCenter.com