Planting Seeds of Abundance

As I ponder all things green for this article I think of money and nature. I am struck with their common thread of abundance. Nature is full, especially in California due to recent rain. As always, nature is green and abundant.

Money is also abundant. It may not necessarily be abundantly in our bank account where we want it, but it is undeniably everywhere. How we feel about money and where we place our attention as it pertains to money, can have a direct relationship on how money flows into our experience – or not.

Making money multiply doesn’t always seem as easy as the natural laws of rain and sunshine, but what if we believed it was? Whether you realize it or not, your beliefs create your world. But, that’s another article.

My husband and I are currently playing The Prosperity Game. It was created by Esther Hicks, an inspirational speaker and expert on the law of attraction. The purpose of the game is to focus one’s energy around the expansion of money in a playful and imaginative way with the metaphysical thinking that, by engaging in this activity, one becomes the vibrational match to it, thus drawing more money and abundance into your experience. 

Here is how it works.

Each day in this imaginative existence you receive a large sum of money. On that same day, you have to spend all the money you receive. Each consecutive day you play the game your earnings and your spending multiplies. Day one you receive and spend $1000, day two $2000 and so on. If you play for 50 days, on day 50 you receive and spend $50,000. The goal is to spend it all on the same day that you receive it.

Nature is abundant because it’s a vibrational match to itself. The law of attraction is always operating. It doesn’t care whether you are paying attention to it or not, but I can assure this universal law is as real as gravity. (It also applies to everything, not just money!) This principle is mastered by becoming the vibrational match to what you want to attract into your experience. This abundance game is a way to experiment and test this universal law. A few years back we played and it was crazy fun to see the things we spent our imaginary money on and how many of them actually appeared in our reality. 

Do an experiment and simply place your attention on seeing everything as abundant. Notice what shifts in your experience when you do this.

Your beliefs create your world. Your mindset (and focused intention) is the first seed in growing your energy into what you want to experience in your life. Why not make it abundant? Green means go (Oh! I mean) growth. If I can support you with a mindset shift around the abundance in your life, reach out.

Go! OH!, I mean Grow!!

Donna Bond, M.A. is a professional life and business coach, spiritual advisor and inspirational speaker. Her work centers on personal growth, serving the transformation of consciousness. Assisting individuals and businesses to live into the full potential of their lives, from the inside out. A graduate of the University of Santa Monica, Donna offers inspiring women’s retreats and transformative in-depth coaching programs. Visit