Keeping it clean with natural products

We’re a little obsessed with fun, organic freshness, and we love botanicals ~ their seeds, bark, sap, and oils feed and nurture our skin. We surround ourselves with earth-grown elements every day while making our treatments in our Skin Studio.

Being eco-friendly is not only friendlier on the environment, but it’s also healthier for our bodies. Using fewer synthetics and more authentic and real ingredients makes it easier for our bodies to adjust and take in what we’re feeding it, whether from our fork or from a care product.

If you’re reading this, you may already know that natural is better. Our skin is our largest organ, and keeping this organ clean by avoiding harmful ingredients goes a long way. Chemical preservatives, dyes, and false fragrances are just a few of the offenders found in everyday care products. Sadly, even if we eat organic and use eco-friendly cleaning products, we may still be consuming dangerous substances through our skin and hair products.

Since we launched in April of 2013, we’ve focused on using glass vials and vessels wherever possible, and we use tree-free labels. We have developed a half box to house our serums which reduces waste and uses less ink, and we use recycled papers and packing materials. We’ve received a sustainability award because of these efforts.

Earth Day is celebrated every April. We’ve won the Earth Day Beauty Awards every year since we launched. The responsibility lies on us to read the labels and get educated on what we’re using. Every little bit matters, to us, and to our surroundings.

There is power in every purchase that we make. We live in a beautiful place. Let’s watch our consumption, let’s limit our waste, and let’s keep it clean.