Creating inspiration and healthy lifestyles

I love talking to people telling them I have a community garden in San Juan Capistrano. The response is, “Oh, I would love to have one too.”

Whether you are inspired to create a living garden for a healthy lifestyle, being outdoors, sharing gardening ideas with like-minded others or just digging in the dirt, you will feel a truly magical sense in the air surrounded by the natural flourishing growth of fruits, vegetables, flowers, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of earthly influences.

It’s a known fact that spending time in nature brings rewarding health benefits and it doesn’t have to be a strenuous effort.

San Juan Capistrano Community Gardens, established in 1996, offers 76 individual plots ranging in size and includes a composting area. Interested parties must complete an application through the City of San Juan Capistrano’s Community Services Department,  live in San Juan Capistrano and then be placed on a waitlist. There is a yearly fee required for the selected plot along with rules and regulations for the use of the gardens. The community garden is always locked and gated and no animals are permitted. Water and hoses are provided throughout the area to aid the gardeners. On a special note, gardening classes are offered occasionally throughout the year at no cost.

There are many rewarding experiences both emotionally and physically when your nurturing efforts start to grow and blossom, followed by the benefits of nature’s healing powers.

The four cardinal directions north, east, south and west bring the natural weather patterns into place bringing the perfect backdrop for prosperous growth.

San Juan Capistrano Community Gardens is filled with journeyed garden experts who have been planting throughout their lifetime.  Many have been in this garden for over 25 years. If this is a new experience for you, you’re in luck with folks loving to offer guidance and support. I have to tell you, being a new gardener and seeing the spectacular growth of the vegetables and flowers I’ve planted is a total joy.

During the summer months, tomatoes are thriving in abundant growth along with kale, carrots, beets, zucchini, green beans, corn, lettuce and cabbage. Many gardener baskets filled with vegetables are given out freely due to the wealth of their large producing crops. It’s a special treat bringing the freshest of vegetables home and knock on a neighbor’s door with a gift.

Some of the garden settings are so inviting with benches, chairs and small tables including garden décor. Sitting in your garden on a beautiful sun filled morning sipping a cup of coffee or just watching a beautiful sun setting in the west is just heavenly.

It’s such a great treat when you start picking all the new and beautiful vegetables you’ve planted and nourished and then preparing your families evening meal. There is something delightful about eating local sustainable food. There is a definite difference in flavor and more importantly how proud you feel from your new gained accomplishments.