What is Your Song?

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” – Wayne Dyer

When I talk about your song, I am speaking of the longing of your heart. The deep desire of your soul for expression in this world. It is the sharing of your most authentic self. For some, it may be creating actual music or another art form. For others, it may be simply baking for people you love, or caring for a garden. Perhaps it’s traveling into new cultures, studying quantum physics, or the freedom of ice skating on frozen ponds. What is it for you?

Discovering and singing your own song – regardless of whether it ever becomes your vocation – is what this life is about. What you came to planet earth for.

Following your joy and singing the song of your heart connects you to who you really are. To your true nature. What brings you joy? Discovering and acting on these things is the key to the happiness and fulfillment all of us are seeking.

Many don’t follow their heart’s urgings because they’re worried about what others may think. Or think it needs to generate income and can’t see how that could be possible. But when you discover your own song, other people’s opinions won’t matter. You will be singing for your own sense of joy. Your own personal fulfillment.

Who you are is not what you do for a living. Have you noticed that when you meet someone for the first time, usually the first things we ask is, “What do you do?” By asking this tribal question, we think it immediately tells us about the other person. But it really doesn’t.

Perhaps in taking this journey, you may discover you’ve been singing someone else’s song without realizing it. I made a massive career change when I was 46 and went through a mourning process over my work identity. Especially because for 28 years I believed that I was defined by my job. I knew that song well. It was familiar. So, I kept singing it, though there was another song rising within me.

As I came into alignment with my wanting to be a Professional Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher, it was painful for my ego to let go of my Hospitality Executive identity. I also had self-judgements about saying I was a Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. What would people say? My ego was VERY proud of the executive hospitality aspect of myself. It was a familiar and respected song – according to society anyway. One that I knew how to sing. Though I learned the notes long ago from someone else.

I was missing out on and veiling the really juicy, dynamic, deeply soulful parts of myself. The reality of Who I Truly AM. MY song.

Allowing my ‘voice’ to be heard was scary for me. But my willingness to temporarily sing off key in the beginning while I was finding the right note, was part of the process. It was part of discovering the right harmonies within and building my confidence. It was part of letting go of the judgments I had about myself, my false identity, my past experience of allowing my voice to be lost in the chorus.

But I did it. And you can too. Now that I am singing MY song, everything in my world is different. It’s more alive. Richer. More fun and fulfilling. As I now sing my song I am uplifted, expanded and brought to new heights in my heart and mind.

Your song is in you. More than anything, it wants to be expressed. It wants to ring out with authentic power and knowing, with inspiration and creativity and enthusiasm. And the world is waiting to hear it.

True expression comes from within. Inspiration comes from the deep knowing that we are connected to something more than our physical selves, more than our environment, our circumstances, and way more than our jobs.

The Universe, or, UNI = one, VERSE = song, is a collective chorus that we all participate in. Expressing who we really are in this world – signing our own part with courage and passion – is our contribution to the symphony of life on earth.

So, the next time you’re at a cocktail party meeting someone for the first time, don’t ask them what they do. Instead, ask them, “What do you love? What makes you come alive? What is your song?”