Modern Art Through Geometry 5

According to Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

An interesting theory, perhaps, but what does it mean? Some may require several courses on science and physics to be able to fully understand what Tesla was talking about. Others may go a different route. Local San Clemente artist Drew Brophy has been on a journey to study and learn about these secrets through his work with sacred geometry.

Early on, Brophy enjoyed surfing the waves where he grew up in South Carolina as well as painting surfboards. He spent his summers traveling to San Clemente to surf the beach town’s famous waves. After high school, Brophy moved to Hawaii from South Carolina and then relocated to San Clemente in 1996, eventually deciding to make it his home. He got his start as a surf artist while working on surfboards in San Clemente.

Brophy changed the surfboard art scene, and this led to greater and greater success as an artist. He had been airbrushing boards, which was common practice at the time, but he was only able to produce up to 10 surfboards per day. Using Uni-Posca water based paint pens, he developed a technique that enabled him to produce up to 20 boards per day. As opposed to the technical nature of airbrushing, the use of Uni-Posca pens allowed him to be more creative and efficient in his work, which brought in more money.

Brophy is best known for his surfboard art, along with his other earlier surf art. He has created pieces for an array of clientele including famous bands and musicians, and high profile businesses and companies. He also has done work for many ordinary people around the world, some of whom were so fascinated by his Uni-Posca art, he would be compelled to leave the pens behind as gifts.

In recent years, Brophy has shifted his focus to fine art and has become increasingly interested in sacred geometry. Sacred geometry gives symbolic meaning to certain geometric shapes and proportions and claims that, as Carl Gauss says, “God arithmetizes.” In nature, for example, there are patterns and shapes that fall in line with geometry. For instance, a honeycomb is constructed with hexagonal cells.

His main inspiration came from a lifetime of surfing and interacting with the water. From the way it covers the majority of the earth and all living things to the way it causes time to stand still while you’re being barreled in a wave, to Brophy, water is magical. Being a surfer, he also spent a lot of time studying meteorology, and this led him to a greater interest in physics and sacred geometry.

As an artist, he also wondered why we’re drawn to certain images and patterns. He had already been doing geometry in his art without realizing it, by using certain shapes like swirls and making his work symmetrical and proportional. He reached a point, however, of knowing it was merely aesthetics. By incorporating sacred geometry into his art, he was attempting to understand what he was seeing and learning. In his recent work, you will find patterns like the vesica piscis and the flower of life.

Brophy also uses certain colors to communicate. Tying his sacred geometry work into his love for the ocean and surfing, he likes to use colors of the water.

“It never gets old to see the beauty of the water,” he says.

He uses blue because it is widely attributed to the ocean and because it puts you at ease. He notices nuances in the water, like when the yellowish kelp mixes with the water and makes it look green. He says the colors of the sunset, such as oranges and reds, are counterintuitively soothing because of the wavelengths from the sun.

Brophy’s curiosity continues to grow as his love for and awareness of the earth and the ocean become deeper. As he learns more about physics, and ventures into other subjects like binary codes and electromagnetic field, he believes everything is connected.

“All the pieces are trying to connect,” he says.

All the pieces are trying to connect.

Perhaps this is related to the secrets Tesla was talking about.