Lessons In Life

Today the phrase, “having it all” is used so often and facetiously that it has become akin to some negative joke. When the question is posed about whether women can “have it all,” the answer arrived at is typically no, along with some skeptical scolding of those women who ever had the nerve to think they could. There has been…

Let’s Hear it for the Girls

In the August 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report, it was found that women-owned 12.3 million businesses, or 40% of businesses overall. Woo-hoo! 

Fabulous Gift Ideas For The Special Women In Our Lives

The month of May is always a special gift-giving time as we celebrate all the Mothers in our lives on Mother’s Day - our Mother’s, Mothers-In-Law, Grandmothers and if we are lucky enough Great Grandmothers!  However, finding just the right gift to say “I Love You” can be a challenge for some. Well, we asked our friends at Fiorina, San…

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I love celebrating women! Especially in the month of May, honoring women who are mothers’ and those that care for us “like a mother” is so important. To make the day extra special, I enjoy designing my table décor with touches and inspiration from my guests of honor.  For me the time together at the table is for reminiscing and…

A Journey to Wellness

Regina Piazza, owner of Piazza Wellness Center in Dana Point, CA began her story on the East Coast side of the US. Regina was born in Scranton, PA with severe Asthma & a very compromised immune system. Taking a single breath was a struggle due to the degree of scarring in her lungs & her numerous allergies kept her isolated…

Create Soulful Connections

Some of the most popular actors in movies of the last decade have come out of the “Improv” world simply by saying “Yes, and…” to their fellow actor in scenes that are improvised. This makes the scene crackle with possibility because everyone’s in the same creative flow, living in the moment.

The Future is Female

Every year when May makes its welcomed return to our calendars, we can’t help but sing the line from The Temptations’ “My Girl” that goes, “When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.” This month brings with it an abundance of joy—bright blue skies, a rainbow of flowers and, of course, the celebration … Continued

Sweet ~ Savory ~ Uniquely Local Dining

What A Dish Cafe and Catering…sweet, salty and sour, creating the divine balance in every meal

Kristen Ritzau and Shoreline Dental Team are the Fresh Face of Local Dentistry

Not only does Kristen Ritzau DDS have a winning smile and an engaging personality, but she also has a published book on her list of accomplishments. Her book, Distinctive Dentistry, details her personal experiences and innovative perspectives regarding her chosen profession. Ritzau credits the success of Shoreline Dental Studio for the implementation of ideals that she learned, cultivated, and has…

Community Connections!

The Caroline K. Huo Real Estate Group with Keller Williams & Bueno Bueno Mexican Kitchen hosted a family-friendly Happy Hour for friends, clients and community partners on February 28, 2019.  Sharing their partnership with the nonprofit Special Space OC, the team is honored and excited to offer their clients and partners a meaningful way to give back!