Skin is the Only Thing You’ll Wear for the Rest of Your Life.

 Article and Photography Lisa Brill  Healthy Skin is Always In  ~  Let’s lighten up the makeup ~ it’s summer! A naturally glowing complexion, along with a little sun-kissed skin, can feel fresh and healthy in that summer outfit. Too much sun can be harmful, but a little sunshine can feed the body with mood-stabilizing Vitamin D. 

Urban Bio – Getting into Your Skin

 Article Dorian Knapp  Why is our cream transdermal and not topical?  Our transdermal hemp oil cream penetrates the lipid barrier of your skin in order to reach the pain receptors in your body. This makes our cream more absorbable and effective in comparison to topical creams which cannot successfully pass through the outer layer of your skin.

Fiorina: A Woman’s Destination

 Article Julia Vitale | Photography Gia Luciano  When you first walk through the doors of Fiorina, you immediately feel at home. A warm greeting awaits as you hear welcoming music, breathe in luxurious Fiamma candle scents, and most importantly, see endless eye candy almost screaming to be brought home with you. Owner Nikki Vitale and her wonderful staff have a…

James Crawford: International Entrepreneur

 Article Lindsay Linegar | Photography Images courtesy James Crawford  Nikki Vitale of Fiorina started her partnership with James Crawford of Venture Leather shortly after opening the shop on Avenida Del Mar. After years of learning, traveling and experimenting with leather, Crawford has figured out how to make unique leather bags well, and deliver them to you right here at home.  After…

Lifestyle Letter

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” ~Mother Teresa This September, we commend two San Clemente locals who are allowing a beautiful love letter to be written to the world with their lives. Lindsay and Dominic Russo run an international nonprofit organization … Continued

Angel House a Charity to Watch

 Article Lindsay Linegar  In December 2016, Lifestyle Publications partnered with the nonprofit organization, Angel House to open a home for orphans in India. Thanks to their dedication and the generosity of donors, the magazine has helped 50 street children gain access to a better life, and hope for a future.  Here at San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine, we were excited to…

You’re Invited!

 Article Gia Luciano  Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area  The Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area is located in the heart of San Clemente and is a hotbed for youth activity. The Club is equipped with game rooms, classrooms, an art studio, two technology labs, a teen center, two gymnasiums, a playground, ball field…