Realty One of San Clemente

Realty One of San Clemente celebrated their official grand opening party and ribbon cutting. The evening was filled with live music, champagne and a spread of appetizers.

Not So Ordinary 
Valentine Gifts

Flowers, chocolate and jewelry: They’re the tried-and-true staple gifts for the celebratory day of love. Instead of giving the same old present this year, here are some local unique gifts they'll really remember.

28 Days of Local

So here we are: February. We survived the holiday season, we rang in the New Year and now we get to celebrate the shortest month of the year, the month of love and the knowledge that spring is just a hop, skip and a jump away. A lot happens in February. This month, we celebrate historically and culturally significant events…

President’s Circle At Casa Romantica Cultural Center

Despite the rain that evening, President's Circle members and guests of the Casa Romantica Cultural Center enjoyed an evening with live entertainment and delicious food.

Casa Romantica Commissions Renowned Artist & Local Community for 8,000 Blooms

Imagine walking into a sunny space and looking up to see a sprawling field of flowers with blooms more numerous than you can count. Imagine an explosion of color chains held together by thin copper wire. Imagine the subtle fragrance of blooms drying in the air and the sight of upturned faces awed by the immersive environment.

Made In San Clemente: 
A Collection Of Local Makers And Entrepreneurs 

When Jennifer Parker’s Yorkie-poodle named Rusty, kept getting mistaken for a girl, she became frustrated. So she did what any good dog parent would do, she went out to buy him a gender distinguishing neck tie. Much to her dismay, she wasn’t able to find such a thing in any pet stores. It was time for her to put her…

The Language of Flowers

The language of flowers otherwise referred to as floriography, is the ancient practice of using flower colors and arrangements to communicate meaning. Use of floriography in the United States dates back to the early nineteenth century, but cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have been using flowers to communicate longer still. The language of flowers has been used…

Crunchy Kale Chips

One of my favorite snacks to make in the dehydrator are kale chips. After many times of trial and error, I have finally perfected the recipe. The key is to use vegetables that have a lot of water in them, so they dehydrate well. You can alter the recipe by substituting the bell peppers with zucchini or other vegetables. I…

What’s your love language?

This Valentine say "I Love You" the right way. 
Do you ever feel like no matter what you do you can't make the one you love to understand how you feel? Do you always feel like you are in the dog house? Each one of us has a love language that makes us feel special, and it may not be…

Who Says a Zebra Can’t Change Its Stripes

For as long as Sara Allen can remember, the bold aroma of fresh coffee beans brings her back to childhood when her father Dan Allen began roasting coffee—on a grill on their back deck. This proved successful for Dan, however, when their bbq began to taste like coffee, his wife wasn’t thrilled. Despite her mother’s distaste for coffee, Sara’s father…