Bodacious Burgers

Leading up to our foodie issue, we knew we wanted to highlight a newer place that didn't have as much recognition but had some good food. When you walk down Del Mar, you are met by countless restaurants and options to satisfy your hunger, but one that recently caught our eye was The Local. Its exterior blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of San…

Redo Vintage + Makers Market

A community gathering uniting vintage fans and local artisans of California, featuring live music, hands-on experiences, food trucks and incredible finds—everything your vintage dreams are made of! Join us for the next one Nov. 24.

San Clemente’s Drink of 2019

 Fresh-pressed white peach juice  Fresh-pressed Georgia peach juice  Fresh-pressed white grape juice

You Can Sit With Us

Are you hungry, San Clemente? We’re sure you will be when you read—or should we say devour—this issue, the most drool-worthy one of the year: the Foodie issue! We are excited to share with you some of our favorite fall recipes, one of our new foodie spots, and highlight more of what makes San Clemente … Continued

October 2019 Around Town

59th Annual San Clemente Arts & Crafts Fair This year’s outdoor fair had a great turnout, with more than 100 artisans and artists, paintings, handmade jewelry, ceramics and one-of-a-kind clothing. They also had a burger stand run by Marines and a free kids’ face painting booth. San Clemente’s Fiesta Music Festival Returns Music took center stage once … Continued

Let’s Get Cookin’

 Total time: 40 minutess  Servings: 6  Salad:

As Seen on TV

Kailin: Keanu is a professional surfer, and I'm a professional MMA fighter.

It’s a Mask-er-Aid!

Pumpkin lattes, the crunch of fallen leaves, a cooler change in the air. We may be excited that it’s sweater weather, and with a little nudge, our skin can keep the healthy summer glow through all of it. 

You Are the Most Important Person in Your Life

Life is never going to stop throwing stuff at us, that's what it does. I have learned that it's my choice to either allow life's chaos and confusion to upset me and top over my apple cart. Or, for me to view everything as an opportunity to learn for my growth, my expansion, my next level. I choose to see…

Tips to Start Your Kids Off On the Right Foot This School Year

The mark of a new school can produce a mix of emotions for kids and parents alike, ranging from exhilaration to anxiety. Kids are excited to wear their new clothes, see their classmates, and participate in extracurricular activities. Parents are proud to see their kids reach another milestone and look forward to exciting new experiences for their growing child.