The Zoom Groom

Let’s face it… usually, men don’t spend as much time on grooming as women do. We say… “Gentlemen, let’s make every second count!”

Sweet ~ Savory ~ Uniquely Local Dining

What A Dish Cafe and Catering…sweet, salty and sour, creating the divine balance in every meal

Pets Love Botanicals Too

 Article Gia Luciano | Photography Lisa Brill  Of course, we’re cruelty-free ~ we love our furry friends too much!  At Qēt Botanicals, we’re all about plant-based skincare. We’re also passionate about cruelty-free ingredients.

A Handful of Emeralds

A young man with little direction was once handed a handful of emeralds! 

Infrared Light Therapy

 Come and see for yourself  Unlike many alternative treatments, red light therapy is completely safe, non-evasive and has no side effects. It is FDA approved. Out of numerous studies, which have been done, NASA is responsible for most of the funding. In many of their findings, they have discovered many amazing benefits that are specially derived from Infrared Lights also…

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun!

Summer Heat Tip: Wear layers 
so you're prepared for the heat of the sun or the chill of an overpowering 
air conditioner. "Dress Your Spirit"

Dress Your Spirit

Dress your spirit, not your age. So many factors play a role in deciding what is appropriate to wear, at what age. It has so much to do with the individual. If you want to play it safe, “BAPS” is a style guide, that is mostly common sense.