Forever Home – Remodeled Retreat

Tell me, what do the words “forever home” mean to you? Do you imagine a polished retreat of pristine finishes? Or maybe you envision a comfortable beach cottage with a warm and welcoming design?  As the Sea Pointe Construction team often says, “The answers are infinite and individual. No two will ever be the same.”

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I love celebrating women! Especially in the month of May, honoring women who are mothers’ and those that care for us “like a mother” is so important. To make the day extra special, I enjoy designing my table décor with touches and inspiration from my guests of honor.  For me the time together at the table is for reminiscing and…

The Power of Color

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky

The Holidays Make The Hearth Grow Fonder

We asked Caroline Huo and Elizabeth Stolrow from the Caroline K. Huo Real Estate Group to share their holiday inspiration and ideas on how they love to decorate their fireplace mantles during the season. Here are their three favorite concepts for a holiday inspired mantle.  From elegant to tartan plaid or charming rustic décor, these heartwarming examples are sure to…

From Old to New Again

Jill’s Abode sits nestled at the end of Avenida Del Mar’s shopping milieu like an Ole Hanson-inspired punctuation point. Jill Wilson owns and operates her retail store out of a historical 1928 cottage that provides a splendid canvas for featuring the eclectic blend of artistry and whimsy found at Jill’s Abode.