The Importance of Estate Planning

No one can predict the future. But one thing is certain: if you leave unanswered questions about how to settle your affairs after you’re gone, life for your beneficiaries will be more difficult than it has to be. Ensure the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire go to the loved ones you designate. This is only possible through effective…

The Healthy Estate

At the time of this writing, President Trump’s 
proposed tax plan is still uncertain. Along with tax reform, the proposal calls for a complete elimination of the estate tax in 2023 and an increased estate tax exclusion amount beginning January 1, 2018, through 2023. There is also a proposal to eliminate the generation-skipping transfer tax.

Wills and Trusts and Intestate Succession. Oh My!

Have you wondered whether you have the right estate planning documents in place? Should you have a will or a trust? Do you need an estate plan at all?

September 2017 Legal Compass

Your child gets hit by an uninsured driver while walking to school. The hospital bills are in the tens of thousands. What do you do? Did you know that your auto insurance policy may be the solution? You can get the bills paid if you have uninsured motorist (“UM”) and underinsured motorist (“UIM”) coverage. This is very important insurance to…