It’s a Mask-er-Aid!

Pumpkin lattes, the crunch of fallen leaves, a cooler change in the air. We may be excited that it’s sweater weather, and with a little nudge, our skin can keep the healthy summer glow through all of it. 

What is the Latest Trend in Skin Care?

We don’t follow trends. We like to think that we make them! 

Summer Skin Savers

We’re saying buh-bye to dry skin! Let’s heal and reveal those arms, legs and fresh faces. There’s a choice we make, and it’s a smart choice to pursue health with clean products.  

Create Soulful Connections

Some of the most popular actors in movies of the last decade have come out of the “Improv” world simply by saying “Yes, and…” to their fellow actor in scenes that are improvised. This makes the scene crackle with possibility because everyone’s in the same creative flow, living in the moment.

Your Body is Your Home 

 Where is the one place we’ve lived our entire lives?  Most think of a home as a physical address, but our actual home is our body.  We take regular care of our physical homes and our space around us. We clean, straighten and sometimes renovate our space. It’s just as important to keep our body in top shape. When we edit…

A Holistic & Revolutionary Approach to Synchronize Your Body & Breath

What if a workout existed that unified body, mind, and spirit? One which strengthened and toned the body while simultaneously increasing balance, range of motion, and energy. Or a type of movement which grounds, centers, and positively influences the nervous system. A method that feels fluid, rhythmic, and incorporates the entire body, versus one that’s jarring, impactful, and targets only…

Mrs Pucker Thanks the Earth!

At Pucker Urban Farm there are many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, but the most important one is thanking the Earth that provides for us. We make a commitment to show our gratitude 365-days a year with our sustainable, organic farming practices.

Mrs Pucker in The Kitchen!

Pucker Urban Farm is an organic lemon farm located in the hills of San Juan Capistrano, California. Their organic lemons are picked directly from their trees and made into an easy to use, nutritionally beneficial four-ounce drink. It is this process that created the newly popular Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot.

Skin is the Only Thing You’ll Wear for the Rest of Your Life.

 Article and Photography Lisa Brill  Healthy Skin is Always In  ~  Let’s lighten up the makeup ~ it’s summer! A naturally glowing complexion, along with a little sun-kissed skin, can feel fresh and healthy in that summer outfit. Too much sun can be harmful, but a little sunshine can feed the body with mood-stabilizing Vitamin D. 

What is Nanotechnology and How does it Affect our Health

 Article and Photography Gia Luciano  Integrated Healthcare Solutions has added two new products in their nutritional division to offer you alternative choices when it comes to maintaining your health.  Our Urban Bio Lemon Drink is created with our organic lemon juice, lemon peel and Nano emulsified hemp oil in an easy to use four-ounce cup. We utilize Nano Technology to break…