Soulful Pet Portraits

 Article Lindsay Linegar | Photography Images courtesy Michelle Delanty  Growing up in San Clemente, Michelle Delanty was influenced by her father, Rick Delanty, and attributes most of her passion for the arts to him. Michelle believes the arts can positively impact confidence, individuality and self-acceptance, and that this translates when teaching life skills such as time management, focus, perseverance, creativity and risk-taking. As a high school art teacher in Fountain…

Woodslab Tables Just Wants to Make People Stoked

Garth, mastercrafter at Woodslab, grew up learning and practicing carpentry. He built homes for nearly two decades, and made furniture in the front yard of his home. In November 2016, Ed Lloyd, who owns an equipment rental store next door, approached Garth to help him turn his remarkable talent, into a thriving business. The two friends partnered up and opened…

Artist Spotlight: Susan Cox

"The reality of the scene is there in front of me to be explored," says Susan Cox, House Artist at OC Contemporary Gallery. "However, I will strive to interpret the scene with expressive brushwork that does not create a copy but rather, creates movement with patterns of light and color." 

Artist Spotlight

Residing in Southern California, Jacob started painting in his late teens. He studied art and three-dimensional design through college. His interest in abstract art started in his early twenties when he was inspired by resin artists Bruce Riley and Mike Mozart. Jacob began practicing with epoxy resin and various mediums and developed his own techniques and approach to resin art.


On February 25, 2017 the OC Contemporary Gallery opened in San Clemente. Situated in a unique and charming setting in North Beach, the gallery features a wide variety of contemporary art and photography. The gallery was opened by long-time San Clemente resident, business owner, and artist, Brian McCracken.

by Life

Life lessons can be learned anywhere. For artist Rick J. Delanty, sports and painting have played important roles in creating a unique lifestyle. His San Clemente Home Studio and Gallery is filled with breathtaking original paintings, large and small. Scenes from the California coast, including some from our beloved Spanish-Village-by-the-Sea, invite collectors to appreciate the power and beauty of nature.

Modern Art Through Geometry

According to Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” An interesting theory, perhaps, but what does it mean? Some may require several courses on science and physics to be able to fully understand what Tesla was talking about. Others may go a different route. Local San Clemente…