October 2019 Around Town

59th Annual San Clemente Arts & Crafts Fair This year’s outdoor fair had a great turnout, with more than 100 artisans and artists, paintings, handmade jewelry, ceramics and one-of-a-kind clothing. They also had a burger stand run by Marines and a free kids’ face painting booth. San Clemente’s Fiesta Music Festival Returns Music took center stage once … Continued

December 2018 Around Town

feather 4 arrow In 2012, Jaime Reese, local mother, surfer, and entrepreneur launched Feather4Arrow. Riese, as innovator, designer, and owner, created a children’s clothing line that embodies the free spirit and laid back culture of our community. Catch phrases heard on our beaches-Sun Kissed, Local Babe, Aloha Funday, Easy Livin’ are artfully emblazoned on all … Continued

August 2018 Around Town

Three Dog Bakery The aroma of freshly baked goods wafts from the oven. Tiny, decorated cakes, colorful muffins, and pretzeled treats are displayed in the front case. All handcrafted for pups! Three Dog Bakery, 174B Avenida Del Mar, wholly embraces the spirit of the dog. Co-owners since 2012, Denise O’Donnell and Lauren Paquette, joyfully revel … Continued

May 2018 Around Town

For Coffee Connoisseurs & More Rapport Coffee by Cafe Smith is a local delight, dedicated to serving complex and consistently delicious coffee, that promotes work done by farmers and coffee roasters. The beans they serve are roasted in L.A. at Lab Coffee, and are included in a diverse range of creative drinks. They have everything … Continued

March 2017 Around Town

The San Clemente Woman’s Club is celebrating its 86th anniversary. It was founded six years after Ole Hanson realized his dream of The Spanish Village By The Sea. The SCWC is an active philanthropic and civic-minded organization that continues projects such as delivering Meals on Wheels, aiding Family Assistance Ministries, providing scholarships for outstanding college-bound high school students and meeting…

December 2016 Around Town

Celebrate the magic of the holiday season with the Nutcracker ballet. This bestselling event, performed with panache by the Orange County Ballet Theatre, is a must for the whole family. The Casa Nutcracker features choreography tailored to Casa Romantica’s intimate Main Salon.