The Peach Destiny


Fresh-pressed white peach juice

Fresh-pressed Georgia peach juice

Fresh-pressed white grape juice

White tea

Essence of mint

Simple syrup

Bulleit bourbon

This peachy-keen bourbon beauty is the brainchild of The Local’s owner, Hooman Mofidi, and front-of-house manager Frankie Tombini. Subtly sweet, this drink is an easy sipper, but don’t be fooled; that Bulleit packs a punch! Rolling into this year’s 15th Annual San Clemente Mixologist Competition held at H.H. Cotton’s, the duo knew they wanted to bring an original bourbon drink to the table.

The combined effort had a few trial runs, adjusting sweetness with the addition of white tea and adding in mint for a refreshing twist. The end result: a peach profile that perfectly complements the gentle spiciness and light toffee flavor of the Bulleit bourbon. At the competition, the Peach Destiny was awarded the Judges’ Choice Award and dubbed “San Clemente’s Drink” for 2019. Served in a beautiful hammered copper mug and garnished with a peach slice and fresh mint, this drink has the looks and the goods!