Steps to Honoring You

Life is never going to stop throwing stuff at us, that’s what it does. I have learned that it’s my choice to either allow life’s chaos and confusion to upset me and top over my apple cart. Or, for me to view everything as an opportunity to learn for my growth, my expansion, my next level. I choose to see it as it’s all FOR me.

As we head back to school and life adjusts again, the opportunity for chaos, confusion and adjustment will certainly present itself. We can do life the “old” way, the way we were “programmed” or choose to see it differently. Let me give you an example.

This month my cat had surgery, my husband is about to have surgery, I just had my four-year MRI breast cancer screening and let’s just say, the medical bills are piling up! My husband’s art show is in full swing which means we work our day jobs and then rush off to Laguna each night to engage with customers to share his art. And, this weekend, my mother comes for a visit.

So, what is here for me to learn and grow from?

Well, it could be about overwhelm. It could be financial insecurity. It could be exhaustion. These are old Ways of Being. And, choosing to BE in them is my choice.

So, what can I learn?

1.       First, I remember I am a Divine Spiritual Being having a human experience and “I am doing the best I can.”

2.       Next, I ground down into the above statement and then connect to my Source. For me that is God. It could be the universal energy or Spirit or whatever works for you.

3.       I come fully present. I am HERE, NOW. With each task I am called to, I am in the moment. This prevents me from projecting out into the future or “dreaming up a drama”. It supports me in being fully aware of what is happening as it’s unfolding.

4.       I make the self-honoring choice to fill my own cup. If my cup is empty no one really benefits because it’s literally impossible to GIVE anything from an empty cup. When I play the martyr, no one wins. I make a self-honoring choice to take the time out that I need to restore, fulfill, enrich, nurture and honor ME.

5.       I remember that I am the most important person in my life experience. I remember my life, and what happens in it, is up to me. If I expect everyone else to take care of my problems and buy into the gross misunderstanding that I will only be happy if other people think the way I want them to think or behave in a way that works for me – I’m really fooling myself.

When I take these steps, I feel empowered in making a choice to support myself. I feel solid and grounded in the decisions I am called to make in the fury of the chaos. Lastly, I let go and just allow life to teach me with each next unfolding, remembering “I am not smarter than the universe, but I am the most important person in my life experience.

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