Your Health Insurance Options

Navigating Insurance Needs

Life insurance is simple. 9 times out of 10 I sell term insurance because it is inexpensive and gives you time to build your wealth so hopefully you won’t need it anymore when the kids are grown and you have a good retirement nest egg stashed away.

Health insurance is a different story. The monthly premiums are getting right up there with the mortgage payment. If you qualify for a subsidy from Obamacare which is Covered California that is great. It’s too bad that most of us working and living in South Orange County do not qualify for a subsidy. The idea being, we pay more so that the ones less fortunate pay less. If you have preexisting conditions then a Silver plan is the minimum advised plan choice. If you are healthy then I would suggest a Bronze plan to lower your monthly premiums and not get penalized tax-wise for not having any health coverage. Here is a twist that may make reading this article a true saving tip that will help you during open enrollment coming up soon. Most families stay on the same “Family” plan together. If you want to maximize your hard working dollar I suggest splitting the family into those family members who tend to visit the doctor regularly on a Silver Plan and guys who never go unless they get hit by a train enroll on a Bronze Plan. This will save you hundreds of dollars each year. Okay, it won’t if you get hit by a train every year but in the long run, you should come out way ahead of the game.

Starting January 1, 2018, Anthem Blue Cross is pulling out of the OC marketplace for individuals/families. Let me show you what options you have to replace your current plan. Do not worry. It does not cost you a dime more to use my services. The insurance companies pay me a service fee directly so you do not have to be on hold for 45 minutes waiting to talk to them.

Business groups are basically in the same boat. If you need help getting through your next renewal please do not hesitate to give me a call 949 795-7324 cell 949 366-4145 office.