Artist Spotlight 1

Jacob Herdell

Residing in Southern California, Jacob started painting in his late teens. He studied art and three-dimensional design through college. His interest in abstract art started in his early twenties when he was inspired by resin artists Bruce Riley and Mike Mozart. Jacob began practicing with epoxy resin and various mediums and developed his own techniques and approach to resin art.

In his artist statement, Jacob says, “Art has always been a grounding element for me mentally and emotionally. It’s a place where I can lose track of time and my subconscious can take over. My current work is a study into mediums and textures exploring how they develop when combined with other compounds.”

Larry Beard

Larry Beard’s love for the ocean and art started at an early age. This love brought him into competitive surfing where he thrived as an amateur winning over thirty events. He also took classes and produced every abstract style of art. Larry went on to surf the US Pro Tour for 10 years. In the meantime, Larry received a real-world education in marketing and design. Being a part of 14 different start-up businesses has given Larry a unique insight to all attributes of being an artist and a businessman. Larry later jumped into fashion photography and has worked with many top clothing companies. But the love of the ocean was always calling, and Larry began shooting beach, sunset and other landscape photography.

In his artist statement, Larry says, “The art of photography is a statement that is unique to each individual. It is my mission to strive for images that will strike an emotion with its viewers. Whether it be excitement, awe, sorrow, or any other thought; allowing the observer to feel is the goal.”