Girls Day Out at Sycamore Square

Teen and tween girls are fierce. Whether competing on the soccer field, learning to code or mastering an instrument, they are always finding new ways to showcase their talents and express themselves. Academics, athletics and extracurriculars stretch them in every direction. 

Devils Backbone Brewing Company

“Slow by nature.” That’s the mantra at Devils Backbone Brewing Company, representing how they brew and how they live. Nestled in the basin of the Blue Ridge Mountains, DBBC takes its time handcrafting beers for those seeking an escape from the fast pace of city life. Idyllic scenery, more than 92 acres of property, accommodations to camp on-site, delicious food and…

Biringer Builders

Home. It means different things for different people: the sense of peace you feel on a cozy, rainy Sunday; the aroma of your favorite meal coming from the kitchen; the sound of crickets from your porch on a perfect summer evening; your children’s laughter or bickering coming from upstairs; the one place that is uniquely you. Your home.  

Full Steam Ahead

Brad Cooper’s affection for beer began in his early 20s when he began homebrewing on his parents’ stove. We’ll assume he didn’t hate it before, but that’s when he took it on as a hobby. He was a member of a local homebrew club, volunteered at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery’s first facility on Ownby Lane when it opened in 2011,…

Cache District Celebrates Its First Year in Business, Its Success and Its RVA Hometown

In some ways, Deepak Nataraj's idea for his business came to him in his sleep. Growing up in a family of small business owners, he says he hoped to continue their legacy, calling it a childhood dream that would also provide flexibility for his family. Now he, his wife, Jana, and her father, Doraiswamy Sundar, are owners of online boutique…

Uptown Cheapskate Midlothian

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Shelby Lane Photography  It all started with a crazy idea for these two entrepreneurs.    Uptown Cheapskate owner Maggie Mereand approached her former co-worker and close friend Jessica Johnson about a potential business venture by saying, "So I have this crazy idea." Jessica responded excitedly with, "I'm all about crazy!"