Happy New Year, Midlothian!

I’d like to introduce myself- I’m Aaron Swart, the new owner of Midlothian Lifestyle! Since late August of last year, we have been working diligently and strategically to make this publication something the Midlothian community can be proud of and that will be a part of your lives for many years to come. For those … Continued

Happy Holidays, Midlothian!

This last year the saying “the days are long but the years are short” really holds true. I am not sure if you feel the same way, but doesn’t each year seem to get busier and busier in this fast-paced lifestyle we are living in? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down, compiling my … Continued

‘Fall’ in Love with Virginia

Happy October, Midlothian. Do you see the changing leaves yet? This month is a great time to take a drive down our scenic roads and bask in the beauty of our state. Need some inspiration first? In this issue, we feature members of our community who make us proud. First, take a trip through Virginia’s rich history and … Continued

Fall Style

September is a month of anticipation. With approaching fall fashion trends, fresh color palettes and home renovations, we breathe in a breath of crisp fall air and look forward to new beginnings. So it is with much excitement that we present you, dear reader, with our style issue. In this issue of Midlothian Lifestyle, we offer you a lesson in chic … Continued

Kids and Pets

For many of us, August is a bittersweet turning point in the calendar year. Summer freedom is drawing to a close, and the school bells will be ringing any day now.  While the lazy days of sipping cool beverages poolside may be numbered, this month brings a sense of renewal.  New routines, new clothes and new … Continued

Summer Fun

Summertime is a magical season. The kids are out of school, the sunshine seems never-ending and there’s no shortage of adventures that await. For many, summer evokes fond memories of childhood—sleepaway camp, family vacations and swimming until your fingers shriveled like prunes. In this issue of Midlothian Lifestyle, we share with you ways to kick back … Continued


OK, gentleman. You’ve waited patiently for your turn. Last month, we brought you our Ladies issue—it is ladies first, after all—and this month, we present our “Gents” issue, celebrating all things masculine. Of course, there’s Father’s Day on June 16, but there are so many more reasons why it’s great to be a guy this … Continued

The Future is Female

Though May is traditionally a time to celebrate mothers, at Midlothian Lifestyle, we want to take this chance to recognize all of the strong ladies in our community. From civic leaders, philanthropists and educators to fashion stylists, coaches and yes, mothers, these women are changing our community’s landscape and influencing its future. In this month’s feature article, you … Continued

Going Green

Inspired by the infinite beauty of the earth and our desire to preserve and protect it, we compiled an array of eco-conscious and eco-friendly people and places making a difference right here in Midlothian, Richmond and beyond. From sophisticated farm-to-table dining to knowledgeable eco-bloggers, this issue is a celebration of all things Mother Nature. Throughout … Continued

Home Is Where the Heart Is

For some, home is where the family is. It’s the place where weekends were—or still are—filled with kids coming and going, movie and popcorn nights and Saturday morning cartoons… Ok, we probably ARE dating ourselves with that last one.   For others, home is where the rest is. It’s the place where, after a long day, they … Continued