Pet Portraits

Amber Krug is an animal lover. She grew up with dogs, specifically boxers, who were part of the family. This passion for pets has flourished into a component of her art: photography.

More S’mores Please

Summertime calls for late nights around the fire, sharing stories with family and friends all while enjoying a melted, messy and delicious s'more treat. Whether it's by the campfire, in a milkshake or a new cupcake creation, a s'more is a fun treat that never gets old. If you don't want your enjoyment of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker goodness to end with summer,…

A Race for Everyone

The light of resilience burns brightest in the dark. Born in the wake of tragedy, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation serves as a beacon for those battling teenage depression and anxiety, generating awareness for a subject that is often overlooked.

Sounds of Summer

While summer swelters, Three One One Productions presents a lineup of events cool enough to beat the heat. Patrons will enjoy evening soirees, live music and a festival centered around one of the season’s juiciest treats—all with free admission and local flair.

It’s Electric

It's the 21st century, yet we're still using engine technology from a century ago. I won't lie—I am a lover of a good exhaust note from an automobile; however times are changing, and the electric car industry is making a name for itself in this modern era. With companies like Tesla leading the board, many have asked who will bring competition to…

Must-Have Beach Reads

 The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger (releasing July 2, 2019)  Charlottesville resident and University of Virginia professor, Bruce Holsinger, delivers an addictively voyeuristic look at the lengths ambitious parents will go for their children when a new gifted school opens in their community. Four young couples who have happily raised their families together for over a decade while striving to balance…

Flavors of Summer

Owner and operator of Midlothian hot spot Toast, Jessica Bufford, turns up the heat this summer with her unique use of the grill. She has taken two favorite summer fruits—pineapple and watermelon—and cooked them on the heat of the grill to bring out the flavor and juices in a way we don't usually experience.  

Men Making a Difference in Midlothian

Joe Doran, Owner and Chief Creative Strategist at Wabash & Lake Advertising

Freedom of Expression

Patriotism evokes an array of feelings and ideas. For Mark Stone, a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Army, the sentiment is profound. 

Wine and Bourbon Tasting Room

Some spaces have the power to transport us from the quiet confines of our day-to-day lives. When Sue Pike, senior design consultant at Closet Factory, first met with the homeowner of the Wine & Bourbon Tasting Room, their vision included the desire to create a destination, an area where family and close friends could be transported while sampling their collection of…