I’d like to introduce myself- I’m Aaron Swart, the new owner of Midlothian Lifestyle! Since late August of last year, we have been working diligently and strategically to make this publication something the Midlothian community can be proud of and that will be a part of your lives for many years to come. For those with whom I’ve connected, what an exciting time for Midlothian and for us as we move forward. I can’t wait to work with all of the wonderful people that we’ve yet to meet!

Dana Miller, our contributing staff members, and Lifestyle all seek a singular mission- we want to bring to you, our readers, a top-notch publication that represents the businesses, families, and history that make up Midlothian’s story, and we want to make sure the growth and sense of pride that Midlothian continues to experience is underscored and respected in all that we do with you.

Well, 2020 is here. Speaking of that number, we all have the opportunity to create a new vision for our lives and for our Health and Wellness for the New Year, regardless of our place in life. In my personal experience, it seems New Year’s resolutions can only be effective with the support and love of those we know will be honest with us and who want us to live strong, vibrant lives together!

We want to thank you, the Midlothian community, for continuing to come together to share your expertise, experience, and exciting ideas for how we can improve our lives and give back to those who need our time, love, and support along the way. My encouragement to you is that you take an inventory of your blessings, and then take bold action to live your best life possible.

Again, Happy New Year! Let’s work together and truly demonstrate just how strong our Midlothian community can be. A new chapter awaits!

Live Well,

Aaron Swart
Owner and Publisher