Happy October, Midlothian. Do you see the changing leaves yet? This month is a great time to take a drive down our scenic roads and bask in the beauty of our state.

Need some inspiration first? In this issue, we feature members of our community who make us proud. First, take a trip through Virginia’s rich history and learn about some Loudon sites and the powerful stories they tell on page XX [Times Past]. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a short road trip to the sites and see them for yourself.

Next, read about former Redskins linebacker Kenneth Ray Harvey, who now resides in Leesburg, on page XX [Inspired By]. Through the book he has re-published with a technological bonus, he has shown his sons—and so many more children—they can pursue their passions and be anything they want.

Lastly, take in the incredible work by artist Jordan Xu that represents and celebrates people of all different backgrounds on page XX [Artist’s Palette].

We know that after you read these stories, you’ll want s’more. So, what better than a s’mores recipe? You’ll love our twist on a classic treat—and we hope they’ll hold you over until next month’s issue.

Thanks for making our community one to be proud of, Midlothian. See you around!