Throughout our lives, we are always looking for something or someone to inspire us. For the young girls in our community, they are lucky to have two women who have made it their mission to not only inspire but to empower them. ĒVLV founders Lauryn Hutchinson and Breiana White have made this their mission with their RVA-based, female dedicated soccer program.

“This is their space, dedicated to nurture and train the female mind, body and soul,” Lauryn says.

ĒVLV’s tailored training programs for female soccer athletes range from ages 5 through 22 years old, including pro and international.

For Lauryn, the ĒVLV journey began at age 5.

“I saw a bunch of kids playing soccer, and I said, ‘I don’t know what they are doing, but that’s what I want to do the rest of my life.'”

Lauryn met her athletic career pinnacle as a defender for Trinidad and Tobago’s Senior Women’s National Team, an inspiration to the young girls she coaches. The young female athletes of ĒVLV hosted watch parties to cheer on Coach Lauryn as she played in the World Cup Qualifying Games. The young athletes whom they train are in awe of the talent and energy Lauryn and Breiana exude. 

On her Instagram post, Lauryn proclaims, “Grateful for everything! Entitled to nothing!” This humility is engrained in the athletes they train. Both Lauryn and Breiana have experienced the pain of injury, rejection and defeat. They know that if reality is not in check that it can be crushing to the self-esteem.

“You are a person before you are a soccer player,” Lauryn says. “That’s what we try and get them to understand because if they get cut from a team or injured or some other setback happens, we don’t want them feeling like their whole life is destroyed.” 

She is clear to stress the importance of understanding that soccer is what you do, not who you are.   

The way our children play sports is a mirror to how we want our children to live their life. We want them to be confident resilient, strong and skilled. With this in mind, ĒVLV’s mission is female empowerment and aligned athletic vision. Lauryn and Breiana understand that to create an empowered athlete, there must first be an empowered person.

“You train the person first, get to know the girl, help her figure out who she is, then we coach the athlete inside the girl. Mental health is important, nutrition is important; the soccer part comes last,” Lauryn says.

It is this mindset that has set these women apart from the regular soccer programs in the eyes of not only the players but the parents of their players.

“To me, the definition of coaching success is the ability to bring each child to the best of their athletic and mental potential. Lauryn teaches children to believe in their own strength. It is a rare and beautiful gift,” parent Lila LaCroix says.

Lauryn and Breiana have big plans for ĒVLV athletes. ĒVLV is fundraising to complete installation for Richmond’s first “all-in-one” female performance training facility. The 3,000-square-foot gym located inside Sports Center of Richmond includes training fields, a weight-training station, academic study space, a nutrition fuel bar and an injury prevention/recovery station.

You can sample ĒVLV’s awe-inspiring leadership, observe motivated ĒVLV athletes and enjoy Lauryn and Breaina’s adrenaline-pumping action-sequences at ĒVLV’s Instagram page: @evlvempire.

ĒVLV Travels to World Cup!

Recently, ĒVLV hosted American-born Jamaican footballer Lauren Silver and is scheduled to participate in this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. To observe soccer at its highest level, 14 ĒVLV athletes will attend the World Cup in France this June.

“Our girls met and trained with Lauren Silver. Now they will watch her play in France! It’s surreal!” Lauryn says.

While in France, ĒVLV athletes will play four international matches and train with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a professional soccer club.

Audit Your Inner Circle

Make sure you are around people who inspire you and challenge you.

Live Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Always challenge yourself and push your greatness.

Embrace YOUR Process

Not spending too much time in others.

Be Happy but Never Satisfied

Love the victories, but always raise the bar once you have achieved something.

Grateful for Everything, Entitled to Nothing

Never expect something just because you put the work in.