Tammy and Michael Falcone’s Renovation Transformed More Than Just Their Home

We took a moment to chat with Angela Wilson Lee, a Richmond interior designer who transformed Tammy and Michael’s house into their oasis. She shared their story, her personal design secrets and her thoughts on why renovation matters.

Angela Wilson Lee, interior designer/CEO at Wilson Lee Interiors & HER Boutique

How long have you been an interior designer?

I have been in the design field for 24 years. I discovered interior decorating was my purpose as a young girl—I was always organizing and rearranging the elements within our home to bring joy to my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer when I was 11 years old. After reflection within myself and mentors, I recognized that my gifts of empathy, color sense and problem-solving I brought to our home I could bring to others. After this epiphany, creating wonderful spaces and beautiful lives became my life mission.

How long have Tammy and Michael lived in their house in Tarrington?

Ten years ago, Tammy and Michael Falcone purchased a new spec home and envisioned transforming this spacious abode to suit the lifestyle they envisioned with their family. Together, that is exactly what we have done. I am happy to say they continue to flourish in their space daily.

Why did they decide to remodel after just moving into a new home?

Even though a home may be new, it doesn’t mean it is ideal for your family’s exact living situation to bring maximum comfort, ease and happiness. That is what Tammy and Michael wanted out of their home. Tammy came to my studio one day and fell in love with a popular book piece we sold in our boutique. She invited me to her home to validate the space for its placement. Once I saw her space, I regretted to tell her the piece she adored had absolutely no place in her interior. I did not feel comfortable selling her a piece that did not complement her home. That is when we set about making their “new” house their home. 

How did they find you and ultimately decide on hiring you as their interior designer?

My clientele values quality, attention to detail and exemplary service skills. They appreciate beautiful aesthetics and optimal functionality. The Falcones knew they wanted a home that worked well for their family… but were not sure how to achieve this. My philosophy of quality and value over quick transactional sales…. deeply resonated with them during our interactions. And now we have a long-lasting relationship built on trust. I even redesigned Michael’s workspace as well.

How do you make decisions on how to remodel a home?

It’s our job to ask pertinent questions about our clients’ intended use of space and lifestyle, using that information to visualize and create that space—what the furniture layout should be, whether they need window treatments, or whether the style, layout and architecture meet their needs. We first listen to their goals, their daily routines and their style preferences. We combine these elements with evidence-based design research to generate a unique space based on each individual client.

What are some small things people could do in their homes to make a big impact?

The biggest impact on a space is great lighting. This will enhance your lens of perceptions within the space. With great lighting, you can illuminate areas that need work. Aesthetically, paint jobs are quick and easy to execute in a day, and you can do it on your own. Adding a splash of color is an instant mood enhancer. Organizing and decluttering will give you a visual and mental lift!

Why is it important for someone buying a new home to consult an interior designer before the process begins?

I’ve found that clients can have blinders on regarding their new space. Often, they don’t think about how the placement of items, lack of other items and house structure in a new build or a resale home can have a major impact on how they live. People who do not get professional help before the process begins always regret it. We are the third party who remembers what the true goal and ambitions of our clients are. We are trained and experienced about the pitfalls of the building environment, and our duty as designers is identifying these and how the client can have the best functionality for the way they live their life. ‘Show me your space; I will show you your future.’ From our first consultation to the finished product, the client’s overall well-being is our only concern.

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