Mount Regan and Sawtooth Lake

The Sawtooth mountains are truly one of the Gems of Idaho. I have spent many years photographing them, sometimes from different angles, different times of years, and as time has gone by with different cameras.

Local Favorites

Natalie Plummer, Social Media Strategist and Creative Director of the Instagram page Hello Meridian

Raspberry Bread Pudding

 RASPBERRY BREAD PUDDING  Ingredients  1½ loaves firm, white bread

Inspired By Success

 What started you on your career path?  I’ve always had a passion for the game of basketball and helping others, especially children.  A former athlete, in the summer of 2007 I started a small clinic in my hometown of Sun Valley, ID.  That small clinic would go on to become a large camp in 2008, 25 camps nationally by 2010,…

Warm Up Your Winter

The most geographically unique island in Hawaii, The Big Island is home to black sand beaches, stunning rainforests, hardened lava deserts and the Kilauea volcano which was active through late 2018. The west side of the island is sunny and dry while the east side near Hilo averages 236 days of rain each year.

Jenn’s Wellness Journey


Serene Spaces

We spend about one third of our life in the master bedroom, but when it comes to designing and decorating, it’s the room that often gets overlooked. People tend to spend more time and money on the public spaces of their homes such as the entry, kitchen or living areas.  Carly Werner, Designer and Visual Merchandiser for Bassett Furniture, explains,…

Brooke Ochojski

 What started your career path?  I knew I wanted to be an RN in High School. My mom battled many health problems throughout her lifetime. I always had a desire to help people like her and be an advocate for them. Years later I left traditional nursing to open a businesses and now own and operate a small Medispa, a…

Gift-Giving Guide

Selecting the perfect gift can be one of the most rewarding and also one of the most stressful things on the holiday to-do list. Some are blessed with the natural talent of thoughtful gift-giving; some are not. As our list of recipients grows, so does the anxiety surrounding the age-old question, “What should I give?”

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Winter

I understand winter can be a trying time for some folks in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes it seems like we get the bad aspects (icy roads, inversions and cold temperatures) without many of the recreation opportunities that our friends in the mountains enjoy.