A Recipe for Every Occasion

 Ingredients  Instructions  At the bottom of each glass, put 3-5 frozen cranberries (adds festive decoration and helps to keep the drink cool!). Squeeze in a wedge of lime, leaving wedge. 

A Twist on a Holiday Classic

Every holiday season means a return to old favorites. When I was a child, one of my favorite treats were these bite sized delicacies. We call them Pecan Tassies. I don't remember a Thanksgiving without them when I was young. I still remember rolling the dough into round globes, as my mother pressed them quickly into the mini muffin tin pans.…

The Heat and the Sweet

This award-winning family chili recipe is full of vibrant bell peppers and colorful beans. The heat is controlled by the intensity of the salsa you choose and your choice of sausage. The cake-like cornbread recipe is quick, simple, moist and sweet and could easily crossover into the dessert category. 

High-Quality H2O

The health benefits of water cannot be overstated. Everyone knows that for a healthy lifestyle, we should drink more water. Infusing water with different combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs can jazz up water, give variety and add nutritional benefits. 

Drink to Your Health

The juice and smoothie bar at the Boise Co-op uses only the best organic produce (local when in season). Drinks are made to order so you’ll enjoy the ultimate flavor and nutritional value.  When you peruse the menu, you’ll find something for everyone, even the most vegetable-averse picky eaters! Options include smoothies that are thick and often dessert-like. And the juices?…