Man’s Best Friend

When referring to man's best friend, we know without a doubt we are talking about a dog. Dogs have become our true companions, and it's estimated that 44% of Americans own at least one as a pet. But these furry, tail wagging creatures we adore so much have become more than just pets. 

Pet Portraits

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and some families come with pets. So, when it comes time to taking family pictures, our pets can easily steal the spotlight.

Painting our Pets

Local artist Kermit Eisenhut has become a household name in our community with his incredible renditions of our beloved pets. His distinctive work truly captures the personalities of his clients' furry family members and gives them a piece of artwork they will cherish for a lifetime.

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden located downtown at Hermann Park remains one of Houston’s best-kept secrets. Described by all those who visit as the definition of peace and tranquility, this hidden gem should be top of your list for local spots to visit this summer.

The GoBoat

Created by entrepreneur Dave Yonce, the GoBoat is changing how we enjoy many popular summer activities on the water. The GoBoat is a portable, lightweight, individual boat you can take anywhere and assemble quickly and easily. One day on a flight home to Oklahoma, Dave looked out the window at all the lakes and ponds and realized there must be another way…

Just Drive

It’s Saturday morning. The smell of coffee fills the kitchen, and as you look out the window, the sun is just starting to rise over the hills. You have no plans for the day, and suddenly your desire to hit the road, put on your favorite playlist and see where the day takes you is overwhelming. Like many, taking a planned…

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Are you headed to the beach this summer with your new beach towel and tote? Do you have plans to lounge around the pool sipping a margarita in a brand-new swimsuit? Tommy Bahama has you covered. With an amazing collection of summer clothes, beachwear and accessories for both men and women, Tommy Bahama has everything you need and more to customize a brand-new summer wardrobe.

New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the country's most diverse cultural hubs. It has activities for everyone, whether you are a full-time dad, a business owner or a true Saints fan.

BeneFit Training with Branden Vaughn

Passionate about fitness and having a positive impact on people’s lives, certified personal trainer and corrective exercising coach Branden Vaughn launched Benefit Training in August 2015. Branden offers his clients everything from private sessions to weekly boot camps and corrective exercise training.

Donnie Henry

Known around town as "the Raconteur of Art,” Donnie Henry is inspiring our community through his one-of-a-kind artwork.