Academics Plus

Meet Stephanie Talley, the owner and manager of Academics Plus (A+). Through her years of teaching in schools in different states, Stephanie realized that many students who seemed bright enough simply were not making the grades they were capable of. What she came to realize was that many students today have not been taught one essential element of a learning process—thinking…

Luxury Living

This beautiful Toll Brothers home offers a stunning, traditional façade enhanced with Granbury chopped stone, classic brick and white mortar to provide a spectacular, classy appearance. The high-pitched roof, custom brickwork, U-shaped driveway and porte-cochere complete the elegance of its appeal.

Ecological Auto Care Is Here!

Yes, Virginia, there is ecological auto care. Just as some people believe there is no Santa Claus, some believe the manner in which their auto is being cared for has to be an ecological mess. The proof is here in the form of Honest1 Auto Care. 

Want to Look Your Absolute Best?

 Article Tom Bridges | Photography Christie Connell  Most of us have been in a number of physician’s offices. Many have lovely pictures, mostly of painted scenes of a beautiful countryside or European streets.  Maybe those serene scenes are to calm you since most physician offices visits are accompanied by a certain amount of anxiety.  However, wouldn’t it be more calming if…

Great…Greater…Greatest Triple G Group

 Article Tom Bridges | Photography Christie Connell, Azure Photography  It can be argued as to which the “great” and “greater” refers to when it comes to Triple G’s food provided through their catering service or their fabricated products. However, there is no dispute as to the “greatest” referring to the Triple G Relief program.  While these adjectives are not really…