Grace to Change

 Grace to Change…  Change a Life, Change a Community (Motto/Mission Statement)  “More than a place; it’s a feeling” (Quote: Shannon White)

Grand Love

While reading the July 2018 issue and the article on Ray, Beverly Maunus noted Ray and Lena had been raising their grandchildren for a number of years. She had recently moved to McKinney for the same purpose and reached out to Lena for advice and they became great friends.

Moms and Dads: Protect Your Adult Children

As your children come home from college or get ready to leave this fall, if they are turning or have turned 18, you need to make sure documents are in place that can save your family a lot of grief under the most grievous circumstances. 

So Much for So Little

Bethlehem Place was started by Prosper United Methodist Church in the 1980s. But how Prosper has changed just in the last few years. What hasn't changed, however, is there are still people who need help. Luckily, Bethlehem Place is still around to help feed them. No wonder it is called "Prosper's food pantry."

The Guitar Sanctuary

     Well before he became the Mayor of McKinney, George Fuller had a vision for McKinney… to make it the cultural center of North Texas.  Music has always been a big part of his life and brought him the love of his life. This visionary also wanted to expand his love of music, but in a way that was…