Innovative Wellness

Karen, can you tell me a bit about you and your practice?

The Effects of Aging

We all know that as we age, signs of the years of wear and tear we have exposed our body to begin to surface. It is certainly normal for any of us to want to correct those effects or prevent or delay them as much as possible. Dr. James Ralston of the Dermatology Center of McKinney has all the modern…

Health Start

Denise Maria Castille is a heart attack survivor. She knows first-hand the exorbitant costs associated with not just a heart attack itself but also those associated with post-heart attack treatments. She was traveling for work when she had a massive heart attack. The doctor, whom she credits with saving her life, would not release her to travel back home to Dallas…

Modern Medicine the Old-Fashioned Way

Have you noticed a change in how your physician’s office operates? Do they now have multiple offices with multiple doctors who rotate through them? Do you often see a different doctor or maybe a physician’s assistant only? This has become the norm for many practices.