Elvis French Toast

This Elvis French toast recipe has all the ingredients loved by the King of Rock n’ Roll—peanut butter, banana and bacon—and yes, it gets even more decadent when you top it all off with a little powdered sugar, maple syrup and maybe a little whipped cream, just to make sure this brunch dish is just as over-the-top as Elvis himself.

Essential Ginger Cookies

I just love cookies. I love them more when I feel like they are "good" for me. These cookies use essential oils to give some added benefits to their tasty and spicy flavor.

Tommy B’s Slightly Spicy, Slightly Green Eggs and Brie

 Article Tom Bridges  This is our first "wannabe chef" submission from our own editorial coordinator. However, you may just find this really simple dish to be a great party platter, appetizer or even part of the main course. The filling for the egg yolks to be added has only four components. The brie cheese is an option, but this is actually one of the…

Summertime Drink

 Photography Christie Connell, Azure Photography