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Iveth Luna at the Guitar Sanctuary Performance Academy

As the article on Shane Frame shared, The Guitar Sanctuary’s Performance Academy is not focused solely on teaching music. They choose the academy’s instructors carefully, choosing only those who will be great role models and mentors in all aspects of life. A great example of that is beautiful and talented Iveth Luna.

Texas was fortunate when Iveth’s parents, Ismael and Xiomara moved from her birthplace in Maryland to Texas when she was very young. Iveth graduated from Mesquite High School where she had played violin in the school system’s orchestra for seven years. She then went on to study Marketing at Oklahoma Baptist University— but it was during this time that her love for music took over. She had always admired her uncle, who played gigs as a singer/guitarist, and wanted to be like him. Fate set in.

Her musical talent was eventually recognized by the university, which gave her a scholarship, and at the age of 21 she joined David Creed the University’s touring group. She then realized her future, and love, was music. Her dream of being like her beloved uncle had become reality.

Now, at 25, Iveth is living the true American dream. Her mother was born in Nicaragua and her father in Mexico. Not only did her uncle inspire her but her father also is a singer and pianist. Besides the violin, Iveth plays the piano and teaches voice both at the Guitar Sanctuary as well as at Visible Music College, a Christian ministry. She is also learning how to play the guitar and ukulele. Iveth also loves writing and co-writing lyrics and is leaving soon for Nashville to record her new single that will be released in 2020, so be on the lookout!

In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts, play tennis, grab coffee with friends and spend time with her family. She has two brothers, Ismael Jr, 29, and Nathan, 17, who is showing talent as a bass guitarist. She loves all music genres, with one exception, heavy metal. Her favorite song? The beautiful and inspirational song by Maggie Rogers, “Light On”.

However, Iveth proves why The Guitar Sanctuary is so proud to have her as an instructor when she provided her own inspiration by saying, “When you love something, go for it 100% and don’t stop.”

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