Come Join Our Community of Fitness

Community— A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common interests, goals and attitudes.

 “Community is a priority at TITLE Boxing Club McKinney. People have their families and homes. They have their places of worship. They have their schools and places of work. We strive every day to be that other special place in their life where they go to give back to themselves. That, AND provide them the very best workout in town” says Justine Poffel, owner of TITLE Boxing Club here in McKinney.

“We are a fitness studio like no other in McKinney. We believe in training as fighters do. Our workouts model those of athletes, the likes of Mohammed Ali, Joe Louis and Amanda Nunes. We believe our heavy bags, jump ropes, focus mitts and core workouts provide the perfect athletic regimen that will keep you in fighting shape, both physically and mentally.”

Justine and her team have been fighting the good fight here in McKinney since 2012. The clubs 500 plus members range in age from 10 to 82 and are of every fitness and skill level from those just starting their fitness journey, to professional NFL athletes that frequent the club in the off season.

“Our members come to us with their fitness goals… ‘I want to lose weight’…. ‘I want to gain muscle’… ‘I want to increase my endurance’… ‘I want to learn a new sport and become an athlete again’… All of which are great goals to have. Some of which can be achieved at most gyms.  Our members achieve so much more. We all have battles we are fighting every day. Grief. Loss. Depression. Weight. Career. Addiction. Self-esteem. Body image. Peer pressure and bullying. Health issues and illness. Our classes teach members how to battle through adversity and provide the motivation to achieve their goals. Jab. Cross. Hook. Upper cut. You vs. the bag. You vs. You. Under the rack!

How does TITLE do it? Some would say it’s all in the bag. While a rack of 56 one hundred-pound heavy bags may look intimidating, it is under the rack, and on the bags, that the magic of the workout happens. The club offers forty plus classes per week, starting at 5:30am and ranging in length from 30 minutes up to a grueling 75 minutes of boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts perfection.

What can you expect a TITLE workout to be like?

Warm Up

The best High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout of your life starts with trainer-led shadow boxing, cardio drills and stretches to get your heart pumping. You’ll begin each class with a solid stretch and calisthenics to prepare your body for punching or kicking the heavy bag during the rest of the workout. Think: lunges, squats, shadow boxing, jumping jacks and more to get a total body workout.

The Rounds

Each TITLE workout consists of multiple 3-minute rounds where your trainer will lead you through a series of punches and kicks on the 100-pound heavy bag. They tell you, show you and teach you how to execute each move throughout the rounds.

Active Rest

Between each round the trainers keep your mind and your body engaged with calisthenics for your active rest period. Each active rest period is one minute long. You can push yourself and your limits during this period or take a quick water break and jump right into the next round. Get the ultimate calorie burn with added lower body exercises between the rounds of hitting the heavy bag.

Core & Cool Down

Finish your full-body workout with the hardest, most sculpting portion of the class. Trainers will lead you through a strengthening and toning abdominal workout to define your core. Finish your workout inspired by using our weighted medicine balls to do a variety of exercises all targeting your abs.

The signature TITLE Boxing Club class is at the core of their members success stories and are further enhanced by a full menu of private training services designed to meet each member’s specific needs and long-term goals. TITLE’s experienced trainers don’t intimidate but inspire you to become the champion of your life. Choose Private Training or Group Training to take your boxing, kickboxing or MMA technique to the next level and accelerate your results. The club has free weights plus cardio equipment for those looking for a more traditional personal training experience, too. Unlike most small studio fitness concepts, TITLE is open all day, seven days a week, for its members. If you can’t make a class, you can always schedule a private training session, use the cardio equipment or hop on the bag rack when it’s convenient for you.  For those that want to follow their progress and push themselves harder, you can opt for our integrated in-club MyZone fitness tracking/monitoring system.  Displayed on two 70-inch monitors, your relative workout intensity is displayed for you to compare to your baseline and managed in the MyZone app where you can choose to network within the Title Boxing Club McKinney membership community.

The TITLE coaches are the perfect mix of fighting, fitness and certified nutritional expertise. With resumes that include competitive boxing, kickboxing, MMA and jujitsu, certifications in personal training and nutritional services, the TITLE Boxing Club McKinney coaches provide the full suite of fitness services their members need. 

Come join our community and get ready to achieve your fitness goals!