Change a Life, Change a Community


Grace to Change…

Change a Life, Change a Community (Motto/Mission Statement)

“More than a place; it’s a feeling” (Quote: Shannon White)


For almost a decade now, Grace to Change has served our community by shedding light, education and treatment to those that struggle with alcohol and drug addiction in Collin County. This awareness over the years has become increasingly important with the rise of drug and alcohol related incidents, accidents and deaths.


While at first glance, many believe addiction is something that can be avoided by simply stopping the behavior and is most often stigmatized when paired against other diseases that perhaps demonstrate more physiological rather than neurological qualities. In reality, addiction is a very wide spread and complex struggle that does not discriminate and is more difficult to understand. Alcoholism and drug abuse do not only affect the person actively participating, but those around the abuser as well. Therefore, it is important organizations recognize the sheer necessity to provide a well-rounded support system that consists of a variety of treatment options with a substantial amount of provision.


Founder and Executive Director, Shannon White knows first hand how intricate the process of breaking the cycle of addiction can be, as she came to discover Grace to Change after having struggled herself with alcohol. While overcoming her own battle, Shannon felt compelled to help others that were going through similar circumstances; making the choice to forego her Kindergarten teaching career and become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Now, she has built a covenant based upon a group of staff members who have themselves also experienced addiction in one form or another.


Whether suffering from or helping a loved one through addiction, each member of the Grace to Change team offers both professional as well as person insight that truly transforms the facility from being just another rehabilitation center to a place filled with love, guidance and support. From Family Nights (held every Thursday evening), to a lifetime of after care, Grace to Change faithfully supports each individual through “accountability with compassion.” Shannon states, “Everyone merits best treatment possible for any disease.” She is a true testament for human compassion.


Through increased awareness and progressive ways in which new information and treatments are developed, we as a society have the ability to be educated in ways that generations before us lacked. Therefore we can make a substantial difference in our community.


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