Artworks with Pilar Boutique and Michael Anthony Simon 2

The Polychotomy of You, Me and We

When considering features for our September fashion issue, we wanted to highlight how fashion and art go hand-in-hand. There is a multiplicity of color, texture and visceral creativity that goes into both. There is a conversation occurring among space, form and movement, which lends itself to every facet of life. The exploration of this communal affection has inspired us to bring multiple worlds together for this feature.

Artworks Loveland knows what it’s like to bring creative forces together. As the largest studio artist community in Northern Colorado, their vision is to provide a space that inspires contemporary artists to create. Located in Loveland’s historical downtown district, the facilities include 30 studios, two galleries for events and communal areas for the resident artists to come together. The bright studio spaces and secure facility provide artists from all over, a place to collaborate and to hone their individual crafts.

Artworks Loveland takes deep pride in fostering an environment catered to the needs of its residents; however, they do open their doors to small events outside of their exhibitions. Art is meant to be shared and to inspire, so it is not uncommon for them to host business meetings and parties for those who wish to rent the atmosphere of contemporary inspiration.

The nonprofit contemporary art center focuses on offering a wide assortment of contemporary art events for the public. Between gallery walks and artist talks, there are a lot of reasons to stay in the know of what is happening at this exciting artist hub. While the art center allows for a place to mingle with notable art collectors, enthusiasts and artists, it also offers a stunning backdrop for what contemporary art is.

While Artworks Loveland has many talented resident artists, they are thrilled to showcase Michael Anthony Simon as he shares his current body of work titled The Polychotomy of You, Me and We. Born in Mesa, Arizona, and BFA graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Michael has been spending his time at Artworks Loveland creating a series of paintings that work to challenge the eye’s perception.

Michael’s newest collection explores our world in the information age; by acknowledging his inability to know his audience, he chooses rather to identify the culture that bombards his audience. It is with this concept that he engages in his work. The palimpsest of his work manifests itself differently to each person depending on what their own experiences allow them to see.

The works themselves converse with one another but also function to converse with other elements in the room. This concept was the inspiration for our photo shoot. Fashion is truly a lifestyle, and we decided to see how the gallery at Artworks Loveland could serve to allow for a conversation between high art and high fashion.

“When placed in a room of other systems, they begin to speak to each other and form a connected environment, a new lexicon, a system of information,” Dominic Garritano says about Michael’s art. “Your experiences will be the arbiter of which elements stand atop.”

In the same way Michael’s work networks between paintings and the audience, we here at Loveland and South Lifestyle decided to honor that notion and do some networking ourselves. Ana Gutierrez, owner of Pilar Boutique on Fourth Street, joined us in our vision to produce these stunning images. The Spanish word pilar translates to “pillar” and signifies a woman of strength, elegance and style. Pilar Boutique is truly a pillar in the downtown community and was an obvious choice for our style issue.

Ana Gutierrez was born and raised in Loveland and began her career in fashion when she was just 18 at her mother’s store, Cloz to Home, also located on Fourth Street. When looking for merchandise for her boutique, Gutierrez is interested in finding pieces that are trending but also classic. Comfort is key, so each piece is sought-after not just for its aesthetics, but also for how it wears on the body. When you enter Pilar, you can expect a welcoming and friendly experience.

So while we appreciate the beauty of conversation between art and fashion, Pilar is working toward a conversation of its own with their unique selection of pieces, and they are sure to put art into motion by matching you with your own style. Pilar values their guests and wants to provide a one-on-one experience catered to helping you find your next look. Their customer service comes from a genuine desire to be helpful and to give you a fun experience. They receive new merchandise each week, so their look is always fresh. Whether you just need to accessorize or you desire a complete look, you are sure to find something fabulous behind their door.

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