Cozy Wineries

Leesburg Lifestyle’s Virtual Vintage: Join us in an experiment of expanding our tales to the Web with video. Lawyer and bon vivant Jim Magner takes us on a video tour of three nearby “Cozy Wineries” with the launch of Leesburg Lifestyle’s Vimeo channel. Just scan the code at the right to watch, or visit 

Traveling the World for Tea

Being a connoisseur of tea isn’t the same as being a connoisseur of wine. Some of the world’s best oolong grows 7,600 miles away in Taiwan’s Alishan National Forest. It is produced by tea masters more interested in quality than quantity. Witnessing the process firsthand and renewing their all-important personal relationships with suppliers is critical to Dominion Tea entrepreneurs Hillary and David Coley.…

‘Kindness is a Superpower!’

Kids feeling bored because “there’s nothing to do?” Introduce them to the Venkats. Teen sisters Shreyaa (16) and Esha (14) Venkat co-founded NEST4US to inspire kids to feed the needy, foster volunteerism and spread kindness. As they say on their Facebook page, “Kindness is a Superpower!” Here they offer tips to make your volunteering impactful.