Celebrating Creativity in the Month of Love

Our first official Arts and Makers Issue is very special to us. One of our community missions is to highlight local artists from the culinary arts to musicians to fine arts, so to dedicate an issue is particularly exciting. Any community’s culture is driven by the health of local business and the artistic “glue” that … Continued

New Year, New You?

Starting a new year always affords us with an opportunity to regroup, refresh and renew ourselves for the brand new challenges ahead. As you’ll hear from the health and wellness experts we’ve consulted for this issue, no one has discovered a way to rid our lives of busyness and stress, but there are many ways … Continued


Have you noticed that every issue of Leesburg Lifestyle Magazine includes a “Giving Back” section? What may have been too subtle—and the reason I’m calling attention to it in our “Giving” edition—is that our advertisers are themselves largely responsible for the organizations and good works that we spotlight throughout the year. Each and every one of them are part … Continued

Thankfulness and Thanksgiving

As November rolls around, we’re anxiously awaiting the approach of the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, bringing with it a no-pressure time filled with great food, friends and family. The winding down of the year brings about a time of reflection for us, remembering everything … Continued


We are foodies at Leesburg Lifestyle. We celebrate good eating and cook to entertain. We love it so much that we’re raising our own beef, pork, poultry and eggs! Our community seems to share our values regarding what we put into our mouths. From the refreshing prevalence of farm-to-table ingredients at our local restaurants, to the farmers markets that … Continued

Welcome to Leesburg Life-‘Style’

I’ve always been partial to September because my birthday is on “Labor Day.” Yeah, I know—old joke! But in truth, it’s always marked a time of re-evaluation and new beginnings—new school, new job, new home, new health insurance plan—all are characteristic of fall, along with new fall fashions to enjoy! What’s the key to normalcy amid … Continued

Ahhh, August!

Ahhh, August! It’s our last chance to lick up those last tasty morsels of summer…that’s what I thought when I discovered our cover art for this month’s issue of Leesburg Lifestyle in a show by painter Laurien Dowdy. Laurien lovingly depicts “rescues” who revel in life as they give us a full measure of joy. … Continued

Summer of Love. Love your Summer!

Summer is here, and in my humble opinion, it is the best of the seasons. Long, humid days that seemingly go on forever produce brilliant sunsets and awaken the wildlife around us. The smell of cut grass brings back childhood and the fond memories of beach trips with my family, spending weeks at camp or just playing in … Continued

It’s the Men’s Issue

This month, we present our “Gents” issue, celebrating all things masculine. Of course, there’s Father’s Day on June 16, but there are so many more reasons why it’s great to be a guy this month. With the summer season underway, the long, sunny days can be filled with backyard cookouts, baseball games, camping trips, fishing … Continued

Welcome to Leesburg Lifestyle!

Welcome to the premiere issue of Leesburg Lifestyle. I’m extremely grateful to live and work in this beautiful area and am constantly inspired by all the wonderful people and activities in our community. I want to thank all of my partners for making my dream of producing this beautiful local magazine a reality! A special thank you … Continued