Literary Linebacker:

A little more than 20 years ago, former Redskins linebacker Kenneth Ray Harvey wrote a storybook for his then young sons, Anthony and Marcus. At the time, it wasn’t hard for the young African American boys to imagine themselves growing up to become pro athletes like dad, who played with legends like Darrell Green. What was harder to visualize was all…

Let’s Play!

 “Sometimes you just need chicken nuggets!”  “Let’s Play!” is more than a brand for speech pathologist Susan Morgan—the exhortation is central to her approach to communication therapy and goes a long way to explain why her patients adore her.  “In some ways, I’m a big, giant kid,” Susan says, explaining her uncanny ability to build instant rapport with her patients, who…

The College Whisperer

More students head to college next month than ever before, and schools are becoming more selective regarding applicants, not to mention more expensive. It’s enough to give parents fits. The tension causes them to put even more pressure on their children to excel, creating a kind of anxiety spiral that can put the whole family on edge.  

Grist for History

Few of Loudoun’s glorious old mills survived the Civil War, but those that did have stories to tell. The Union Capital was just over the Potomac River, but Loudoun was in the heart of Confederate Virginia. Most joined the Confederate Army, but another group joined the Union Army, and Loudoun soon became a battleground, frequently dividing families.

On the Road to Romance

 "It's in the little things."  Ever met the "perfect couple?" We know a couple that not only lights up the room with the way they so obviously care for each other but whose job it is to make planning your travel as delightful as your trip.  Ziza Stojanovic believes, "At the end of the day, it's all about the little things that make you…

Gardening by Design

A block from West Market and a short walk from Leesburg’s downtown lies a more than 200-foot-long lushly green backyard and patio with sumptuous, seasonally blooming plants and shade trees.

Mobile Hope

Donna Fortier has a fondness for turtles. To the CEO and founder of Mobile Hope, a non-profit focused on helping 18-to-24-year-old homeless kids build productive lives, they are a symbol of how it must feel to be entirely without resources and on your own.

Just Another Day Above the Office

When attorney Jim Magner has a court date in Richmond, he heads down, not I-95, but rather down Sycolin to Runway 17 at Leesburg Executive Airport, the second busiest general aviation airport on the East Coast. There, he can board a plane and be in court in just under an hour.

Life Lessons

 Owner, Rock Fitness & Performance  Founder,  After initially being denied treatment for his third-stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma last June, Sam Juzbasich returned to his gym, sat on a couch and said, “I’m going to die here.” It didn’t make sense. He’d studied nutrition in college and created a fitness and nutrition regimen he’d used to help anyone from working women to…


Ryan Ask, owner of two Club Pilates studios in Ashburn and Potomac and one opening soon in Leesburg, is the first to admit that he, like most guys, sometimes neglects "core strength" training in favor of cardio-heavy workouts and weightlifting.