5 Gifts You Need to Give Your Family

1. Financial Stability –You want to give your family everything they want, but your job is to help them decide what they really need, and what level of debt is acceptable after you cover the basics. Knowing that you won’t run out of money at the end of the month makes life so much easier, not to mention the relief you'll feel when your kids adopt…

$1 Million Dollars and Counting:

Giving seems to be an impulse we glean from our parents—or grandparents, in the case of John MacIntosh, who approached the Bank of Clarke County a quarter century ago about establishing a charity golf tournament in the name of his grandfather, Ammashaddi Moore Jr., the bank’s first president in 1881.

Giving the ‘Dignity of a Paycheck’

You've undoubtedly spotted ECHO's vans going to and from work in Loudoun County. Many of the nonprofit's 40 buses and vans now sport advertising, just like their counterparts in public transportation. These vans are just the most visible means of support ECHO offers disabled workers and their families, providing disabled workers a ride to and from their own daily jobs. Last year, the fleet drove…

Local Gift Guide

Doing your holiday shopping locally does more than help you get to know some of the great people in our community; buying from this particular gift guide supports all those great "giving back" stories you enjoy in Leesburg Lifestyle Magazine all year round! Not coincidentally, they also happen to be some of our favorite merchandise because, well, obviously, those are the…

For Bahamas, Christmas Comes in a Big Blue Box

When Hurricane Dorian failed to hit Puerto Rico, Rafael Babilonia, CEO of nonprofit United-DMV (aka Unidos Por Puerto Rico-DMV)—which had already sent 72 shipments with more than a million pounds of food, medical and janitorial supplies to the island over the last two years—initially breathed a sigh of relief. Then, when the extent of the disaster in the Bahamas became…


Have you noticed that every issue of Leesburg Lifestyle Magazine includes a “Giving Back” section? What may have been too subtle—and the reason I’m calling attention to it in our “Giving” edition—is that our advertisers are themselves largely responsible for the organizations and good works that we spotlight throughout the year. Each and every one of them are part … Continued

Resolve to be More Prosperous in 2020

 1. Shift Income/Expenses, Gains/Losses  If 2019 is a great income year, see if you can shift other income (gains from stock sales, business income, etc.) to 2020 and/or accelerate expenses or stock losses into 2019 to take advantage of them faster. A dollar today is worth more than next year. If you aren’t maxing out your 401(k), consider putting more into it before…

High-Heeled Happy Hour Fetes Loudoun Cares, Mrs. Loudoun County

High-Heeled Happy Hour honors a female business professional who, in turn, selects a charity to benefit from event proceeds. The Fall Fête Oct. 15 at Tarara Winery honored Mrs. Loudoun County Erin Lombardi and raised money for Loudoun Cares. Participants also donated non-perishable food items for Loudoun Hunger Relief as part of Jackson Harlow's annual food … Continued

Cozy Wineries

Leesburg Lifestyle’s Virtual Vintage: Join us in an experiment of expanding our tales to the Web with video. Lawyer and bon vivant Jim Magner takes us on a video tour of three nearby “Cozy Wineries” with the launch of Leesburg Lifestyle’s Vimeo channel. Just scan the code at the right to watch, or visit Vimeo.com/user104293659. 

It Takes a Villa

If you’re a longtime resident of Purcellville, you “get” our little headline pun. But if not, the next time you’re driving from Round Hill to Purcellville on the East Loudoun Street bypass, cast a glance northward. You can’t miss the iconic sign announcing the Weona Villa motel. The 7-acre erstwhile motel property has been vacant for a dozen years and now…