Taste of Health

Through one drop of blood, health practitioner Barbara Kerr can show clients 20 possible anomalies in their individual health.

The Making of Hazelwood Brewing Company

When the world’s supply of hops, used in huge amounts by macrobreweries, started to dwindle in 2005 due to a series of climate and fungal problems, Matt Rodgers and his extended farm family decided to grow hops for the first time. Their success in that niche crop led to Matt's love of beer brewing and recent opening of his own Hazelwood…

Every Day is a Birth Day

At 35-weeks pregnant, Irmo native and Columbia resident Hallie Willm Biediger went to Lexington Women’s Care, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, for a routine pregnancy visit in April. But the appointment turned out to be anything but ordinary.