Warmth From Watercolors

As a self-taught artist, Rachel Parker gets her innate talent honestly. She comes from a family of Lake Murray artists, with her mother an award-winning portraitist and her father an award-winning photographer.

Every Day is a Birth Day

At 35-weeks pregnant, Irmo native and Columbia resident Hallie Willm Biediger went to Lexington Women’s Care, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, for a routine pregnancy visit in April. But the appointment turned out to be anything but ordinary.

Blaze a Trail of Encouragement

As a young boy growing up in the Boy Scout program, I was accustomed to camping trips that included long hikes through different, wonderful environments. The lessons taught by the leaders and guides left countless valuable memories and positive influences on my entire life.

Family Fitness Fun for Summer

Most families want to enjoy as much sunshine and fun as possible before August. But if you’re like our family, summer is too short! Maximizing time by making exercise a family activity can help families have fun and grow healthier all at once. Playgrounds are one of our favorite spots. Try the following exercises that the whole family can enjoy together.

Meaningful Museums

 Location: 231 Fox St., Lexington  What it commemorates:   Since 1970, the Lexington County Museum has served as a fabulous door to the region’s storied past and hands-on history. Wander through an expansive collection of structures that transports guests from the colonial era to the Civil War. In the heart of Lexington, this seven-acre museum complex features 36 historic buildings. Some of the structures include the…

Take on the Lake

Marine 360 boat dealership has been a mainstay on Lake Murray since 2007. Principals Brandon Crutchfield and Scott Muckenfuss believe they offer the highest quality sales and service in the Midlands area while being a popular, go-to location for versatile boating selections. 


For those who live or work on Lake Murray, there’s no better way to spotlight your love for the Lake than showing off any of hundreds of great souvenirs. These items also make great gifts, which enable visitors to relive their personal moments from our wonderful, wet playground and homestead.

Make Outdoors Fun Again

"One of the thrills about living on the Lake is the bugs," commiserates Trey Powell, owner of Mosquito Joe of Lake Murray and fellow Lake resident. "Fortunately, now we have the knowledge, technology and equipment to put a flea collar around our yards to ward off insects!"

Staycation, Holistay, Daycation:

Many of us remember growing up and building a fort in our living rooms. What a wonderful escape from reality. In our world of make-believe, we created a whole new environment and scenario that allowed us to step away from daily routines and pretend to be someone who was bound to save the family from evil-doers!

Staying in Touch

There's a common misconception that technology and seniors don’t mesh. For a portion of seniors, this may be true, and technology may be intimidating. But for a large and growing number of elderly Americans, technology is becoming a way of life.