Mother Road Trip

Sometimes we all need a change of scenery, even when time is short. In Oklahoma, we are fortunate to have two thriving cities just 100 miles apart, both with delicious and exciting food and drink options. Having lived in both cities, which happen to be along the famed Route 66 highway connecting Chicago to Santa Monica, I appreciate both. I find the old…

Food Fight: Battle of the Ramen

Let's face it; everyone has an opinion when it comes to food. My circle of dining companions is no different, particularly since it involves chefs, the spouse of a Cheese-Wenchy chef and the publishers of this magazine. 

Looking Back: The Cellar Restaurant and Chef John Bennett

New England Clam Chowder with Parmesan Cheese ToastAs served at The Cellar at Hightower circa 1964

Welcome to fall, my favorite time of the year, and welcome to our food issue, my favorite topic of… all time.  Even the most devout food fanatic can sometimes get into a rut, and in this issue, we hope to bring you some delicious inspiration to try something new, set out in search of culinary … Continued

October 2019 Around Town

Volunteer with the Homeless Alliance How You Can Help Volunteer The Homeless Alliance has a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To find out more about the latest needs, visit We dedicate this space to highlighting one way to help. Art Supplies The Homeless Alliance and City Care offer the “fresh stART” art program to … Continued

Remembering an Oklahoma Legend

I was going to write this tribute myself, but it wasn't for me to write. Like my friend Dave Cathey, I met chef Bennett while interviewing him about his friendship with Julia Child. It was 2012 when I met him, the 100th anniversary of her birth. Chef was one of those people you immediately knew you adored. Recently, I approached Dave for some extra anecdotes.…

Barbecue & Beer

Just because the "summer grilling season" is coming to an end, doesn't mean it's time to cover up the grill and head indoors. Fall is definitely my favorite time to step outside and gather friends for a barbecue feast. Add in some local craft beer to pair, and it is even better.

Verbode Urbancore Artists “Exhibit 2”

Verbode Urban Core Artists is an artist-run curatorial and event collaborative founded in 2016 by Verbode Real Estate owner Sarah Bytyqi and artist Christie Owen in Oklahoma City. Verbode provides Christie with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. The current featured artists will be on display until Sept. 13. 415 N. Broadway, Suite 101 … Continued